The world’s best climate: the top five countries in 2017

A forgiving climate works wonders to improve your health and complexion. But what’s too cold or hot for just one person could be perfect for an additional. In searching for that countries using the best climate for the 2017 Global Retirement Index, we assessed not just hard data, temperatures, rain fall and humidity, but we assessed enhanced comfort degree of each destination’s climate by speaking towards the expats and our very own correspondents on the floor in every country.

From sunny beaches to damp rainforests, we’ve checked out all types of region that every country provides, to higher let you know regardless of whether you should pack your shorts or snow boots when retiring overseas.

Take a look below to determine what five countries arrived on the scene on the top of the year’s Climate category within the Annual Global Retirement Index:

1. Ecuador: Spring-Like Weather around the Equator

ecuador cuenca climate

Ecuador’s rating of 100 within the Climate group of 2010 Global Retirement Index isn’t any mistake. It’s among the country’s characteristics which has stored it at or presents itself every recent Index.

Ecuador sits on the earth’s equator…12 hrs of sunshine, 12 hrs of dark, every single day of the season, without any major periodic changes for example individuals familiar with the southern and northern latitudes.

Ecuador is another country of mountain tops flanked somewhere with a ocean coast and alternatively the upland rainforests from the Amazon . com basin.

Place the two together, also it means that exist just about any climate you would like, by simply rising or lower in altitude. And also the weather in the altitude you select will stay virtually constant all year long-round.

Example: In Cuenca, probably the most popular Ecuadorian metropolitan areas for expats, temperatures average in a a lot of 70 F throughout the day to 50 F during the night. That daytime temperature can alter pretty rapidly based on cloud cover, so seeing a jacket or sweater is typical practice.

Drop lower from Cuenca’s 8,400-feet elevation to Vilcabamba at 5,000 ft, and also the weather conditions are still mild but warmer, with highs within the upper 70s F and lows of approximately 60 F during the night.

Along Ecuador’s Off-shore coast, the city of Canoa has high temperatures near to 80 F. The seaside weather can differ with respect to the position from the coast, the offshore currents, and also the prevailing winds, however in general Ecuador’s tropical coast is everything an exotic coast ought to be.

And on the other hand from the Andes Mountain tops, in the Amazonian basin, our prime humidity from the rainforest helps make the average highs within the 60s and 70s feel cozy and warm.

As well as in each one of these places, except for periods of pretty much rain, the elements you discover when you are getting there’s exactly the same weather you’ll possess a month, three several weeks, six several weeks, or perhaps a year later. – Dan Prescher

2. Colombia: An Assorted Mixture of Perfect Weather

colombia has amazing weather

Colombia may be the second most biodiverse country in world, meaning you’ll find whatever climate you desire—there is one thing for everybody.

Colombia sits at 4 levels north latitude, practically around the equator. Consequently, you will find rarely any hurricanes. Warm, tropical weather within the Caribbean seaside metropolitan areas of Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Santa Marta offers average daytime highs touching 90 F and evening temps within the upper 70s F. Although it may be damp, mid-day and evening ocean breezes make being on an outing quite wonderful. But, the new, direct sun throughout the day can have adverse health effects. Putting on sun block, a hat, and finding shade whenever we can enable you to benefit from the sun and sea-based lifestyle. Living here means your whole wardrobe will contain shorts, a swimsuit, t-shirts, and sandals.

Using the three ranges from the Andes Mountain tops running lower its spine, Colombia also offers areas with an infinitely more temperate climate. Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, is perched at 5,000 ft above ocean level. The weather only at that altitude gives Medellín the nickname “City of Eternal Spring,” with daytime highs within the upper 70s F to mid-80s F, and evening temperatures that dip lower towards the mid-60s F every single day of the season. You don’t need to put on anything heavier than the usual light jacket. Mens polo shirt, jeans, or khakis would be the daily uniform.

Also nestled within the Andes Mountain tops is Eje Cafetero, the coffee triangular which is composed of the metropolitan areas of Pereira, Manizales, and Armenia. The weather, that is simply a bit cooler compared to Medellín, mainly in the nights, is ideal for growing a few of the world’s best tasting coffee.

The main city town of Bogotá sees average daytime highs within the mid-60s F and evening temperatures that hover around 50 F. At nearly 8,700 ft of elevation, many people are initially impacted by the altitude. However, following a short adjustment period, many people adapt well for this climate. Jackets, leather boots, and ornamental scarfs could keep you comfortable while you enjoy all of the city provides.

In southeast the nation, the Amazonian rainforest occupies 35% of Colombia’s total land mass. The Colombian town of Leticia is situated in the crossroads from the countries of Peru, South america, and Colombia. With relative humidity averaging 86%, lightweight, cotton or any other breathable material clothing is essential, in addition to a raincoat.  – Nancy Kiernan

3. Mexico: Something for Everybody

cancun mexico has a nice temperature all year round

Mexico is a huge country, almost three occasions how big Texas. And across its territory, you’ll find a multitude of climates…something for everyone.

In mountainous central Mexico, there’s a temperate and dry climate, with without any humidity and a lot of sunshine. Because of the elevation, between 3,000 and seven,000 ft, temperatures rarely get over the mid-80s F throughout the day. During the night it dips in to the mid- to high 60s F, just awesome enough for any light sweater or jacket. Throughout the very coldest area of the year, The month of january and Feb, it could get near to freezing on some nights. However in general, you do not need to bother about ac or heating…or the connected costs.

In a lot of the seaside areas within the central and southern areas of Mexico, around the Off-shore and Caribbean, you will have a semi-tropical climate. Which means humidity in summer time, with temperatures well in to the 80s F throughout the day. You then have a wet season, with overcast days and mid-day showers frequent from May to October. Dry season features lower temperatures and humidity with no rain. Expect enjoyable, sunshine, with temperatures within the 70s F and occasional 80s F.

One factor to bear in mind is the fact that Mexico is incorporated in the hurricane zone, particularly the Yucatán Peninsula’s Caribbean coast, even though the Off-shore and Gulf Coast may also face hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane season runs from June to November. And it is best to be ready by stocking on water and non-perishable food, and getting an urgent situation plan in position. – Jason Holland

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