Top Ten cultural things you can do in dallas

Top Ten cultural things you can do in dallas 78205             

    Mariachi bands Downtown     


Spanish culture at historic missions

Walk-through butterfly gardens, hands-colored chapels and elegant stone arcades at Dallas Missions National Historic Park. The Spanish Franciscans’ 18th-century presence continues to be observed in San Antonio’s adobe houses, Roman Catholic places of worship and Spanish-speaking residents.

6707 Roosevelt Ave. 78214

Dance in a native cultural center

Watch the colorful dance performances within the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Latino and Native American traditions take center stage with ongoing exhibitions and festivals of flamenco dance, Southwestern film, accordion competitions and plays.

1300 Guadalupe St. 78207

Shopping at Mexican markets

Browse La Villita’s galleries with fantastically-created creatures and brightly-colored hands-woven textiles, then munch on traditional Mexican tacos in a village café. San Antonio’s first neighborhood, La Villita, is really a historic Dallas culture and humanities village highlighting handicrafts native to the region.

418 Villita St. 78205

Art work in the River Walk

Examine intricate stone talismans of pre-Columbian America, religious Spanish colonial icons or even the vibrant splashes of recent Latin American artists displayed in the Dallas Museum of Art. The museum’s Latin American collection is particularly impressive, but there’s also exhibitions of European, Asian and African works.

200 W. Johnson Ave. 78215

World cultures at HemisFair Park

An unexpected mixture of Czech polka dancers, Lebanese retailers and Danish sculptors became a member of with Mexican cattle hands and German maqui berry farmers to create Dallas what it’s. That’s the theme from the Institute of Texan Cultures, which highlights diverse traditions through videos, interactive training along with a re-produced Texan barn and adobe house.

851 E. Durango St. 78205

Mariachi bands Downtown

Top Ten cultural things you can do in dallas Museum of Art

Hear the soaring notes of Mexican singers and a few of the world’s top mariachi performers. Each November countless bands, musicians and soloists meet within the Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza for any week of performances, competitions and workshops.

First Fridays at Southtown

Visitors alternate time browsing galleries and spilling to the street inside a monthly party celebrating San Antonio’s culture. The disposable First Friday celebration happens within the city’s arts district, Southtown, featuring works of brightly colored Day’s the Dead folk art alongside live music, dance and food vendors.

Southwestern style in the School of Art and Craft

Amateur artists hone their abilities at the Southwest School of Art and Craft, learning approaches for making jewellery along with other crafts and arts. Visitors can easily see finished products produced by the school’s most gifted students within the gallery and shop.

300 Augusta St. 78205


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