Heavy snowfall closes roads in the country, portugal – weather

Heavy snowfall closes roads in the country, portugal - weather Hurry hour traffic

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  • Heavy snowfall closes roads in the country, portugal - weather in North England and ScotlandSpanish airport terminal authority AENA stated poor weather in northern Europe brought to waiting times back and forth from Madrid.

    In Scotland, snow and accumulating ice forced Edinburgh Airport terminal to shut briefly Monday night. Delays and closings also were reported at Luton Airport terminal, north based in london, and London City Airport terminal in east London.

    Driving was equally treacherous: heavy snow in North Yorkshire, North England, has led to a minumum of one highway dying.

    Schools Tuesday morning were battling to reopen after countless campuses in North England and Scotland closed Monday morning.

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    Resourse: http://nbcnews.com/id/40435830/ns/weather/t/heavy-snowfall-closes-roads-the country-portugal/

    US arctic storm: Northeast gripped by heavy snow, extreme cold

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    Daniel Toth: 'The Day After Tomorrow' feeling

    lpsTURTLEfree productions: this reminds me of dead space 3 I want to get a replica of a plasma cutter an go in the cold like tau volantis

    Amanda Emely: I hope we don't get none of that here California. We really don't know how to drive in the rain let alone snow and ice.

    94981745: Lol it's an "arctic blast" Amanda so you certainly never have to worry about that in California…. Reason being: It CANT happen :P

    OmenK0: Typical Russian winter… no more

    abarzilai0334: Already got snow here in New York.