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Though The country celebrates most of the same holiday traditions as the remainder of Europe and also the civilized world, a lot of their own are distinctively Spanish, and within Barcelona there are also special customs specific towards the land of Catalonia.

Actually, you can even state that a few of these Christmas traditions in Barcelona will most likely surprise you greater than you’d expect…

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Tió de Nadal

They are saying Catalans possess a bizarre compulsion for those things scatalogical, after researching Christmas traditions in Barcelona, you would not be amazed why. Another valued character of christmas, and again specific to Catalonia, the Tió de Nadal, more generally known as the cagatió, reigns the month of December like a loving gift bearer in, ahem, among the strangest ways.

Whereas Santa comes lower the chimney by having an enormous bag of toys, or even the three nobleman ride in on the lustrous carriage full of gifts, the cagatió, a log having a smiley face along with a red cape, “relieves himself” of his Christmas delights usually on Christmas Eve or Xmas day. As tradition has it, the log once signified giving the present of sunshine and heat throughout the cold Christmas mass, and in some way, somewhere, this deep metaphor has morphed into one which all children, for apparent reasons, love.

Throughout the days prior to Christmas, they “feed” the log, so when it is now time, they dance around him, singing and hitting him having a stick until he magically defecates some small gifts or sweets, much like what you are able get in a stocking.

Christmas Sweets

Spanish bakeries and pastry shops still function on the periodic basis, and you will probably locate them all stocked with foods for christmas. Most likely typically the most popular throughout The country is the turrón, a tough nougat bar full of whole almonds. There are more types, too, such as the softer blando type, made with almond paste and egg yolk, and also the versatile chocolate version.

Another speciality are the neules, or cylindric wafers, which are additionally a typical gift from the aforementioned cagatió. During the Christmas season, most shops make sure they are internally, and beyond being scrumptious, this is the way you are able to tell: none should ever look the identical. Try the chocolate dipped ones for added indulgence.

More details: Find out about how to locate (and eat!) these sweets in Barcelona here.

christmas traditions in BarcelonaThe Magi parade within the medieval capital of scotland- Vic. Photo Credit: Hugo Pardo Kuklinski on FlickrCC.

Spanish Christmas Lottery

Among the longest running and greatest lotteries on the planet, El Gordo (meaning “the big one”) is a big Christmas tradition throughout all The country. People generally buy tickets in groups at the office or with buddies, even though nobody really expects to win.

The Wisemen, or Three Nobleman, Parade

Though other traditions like Christmas trees and Father Christmas have gradually crept into The country, the 3 Nobleman remain the key to christmas for families with children. You will find parades all through the nation, and Barcelona’s, the cavalcada de reis mags, is particularly special for the reason that they arrive by boat. Imagining it from the child’s perspective, that’s incredible.

After docking in Port Vell, the Magi make their models through the old city center, waving towards the citizens of Barcelona who emerge around the roads to greet them. On that day, people also relish a delicious tortell de reis, or nobleman cake, a round, stuffed pastry cake that always has some surprise inside.

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