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Property-for-purchase-in-the country (Finca) with beautiful old olive and almond trees within the Matarraña, Aragon, The country. A home is twenty minutes from the village Calaceite, a famous and delightful old town, overlooking only 120 m from the Algars river, which seperates Aragon from Catalonia. How big the finca/ farm is 3.8 ha and it has old well-stored olive and almond trees. There’s another new building of approximately 18 square meters, which is often used like a artists studio. The Massia / house with 65 m2 was reconstructed this year around the old original stone walls from 1746 with massive stone and inside is partially insulated and double walled. The low area of the home is family room and kitchen area having a master bed room and guest bed room upstairs. A home is operated by solar power and it has another water system. You’ll be able to obtain a building permit for any Rural Tourism project. It’s a 20 minute journey in the Finca towards the capital of scotland- Calaceite and it is near to the Park "Els Ports" using its excellent hiking possibilities. The landscape round the finca and Calaceite is sparsely populated and incredibly rural with freshwater crayfish within the river, eagles and vultures circling above and also the periodic small pack of untamed boar. Don’t be concerned, they’re so shy we’ve never witnessed them, only their footprints around the river bank!

Calceite is pure nature and excellent for existence or a peaceful and secluded lifestyle in The country . However, the finca is just 1 &frac12 hrs by vehicle in the coast, Reus (airport terminal), Tarragona or Saragossa (airport terminal). Barcelona (airport terminal) is really a 3 hrs away by vehicle or train (12 euros one-way). The character in Aragon, The country is useful for hiking, watching birds or cycling or anything you wish to accomplish, then this is actually the place. There’s an industry once per week within the town where fresh produce is extremely cheap, small bars, hotels, corner shops, butchers, fish-shop and small supermarket.

The closest airports are Reus (Ryanair) about 100 km Barcelona, ​​about 250 km Saragossa, about 120 km Valencia 350 km bus and train services to Mora la Nova via Reus from Barcelona, ​​Tarragona and Valencia or by bus from Zaragoza.

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