Restaurants at montserrat: food options at montserrat monastery, the country

This self service restaurant is situated near the Restaurant Montserrat (see above) within the Mirador dels Apostols building, near the carpark at Montserrat Monastery. The dining area offers views from the Llobregat valley and also the mountain tops surrounding Montserrat. A sizable sitting area enables you to select where you want to sit in dining hall spaces.

Food in the Self-Service Restaurant

Self-Service Montserrat serves a variety of Mediterranean style cold and hot food. You can buy fridges full of salads and sandwich. Or choose from hot plates serving periodic hot meals. Prices act like individuals at La Cafeteria (see above).

How you can book Self-Service

It’s not easy to book a table at Self-Service Montserrat – just show up!

Trips to market in Montserrat

The views and generous quantity of outside seating at Montserrat make picnicking around the mountain a beautiful option. If you want to purchase some picnic ingredients although you’re at Montserrat, there’s both a little supermarket and a few market stalls selling local produce.

There’s a delegated picnic area at Montserrat. This will be located on the terrace part of the Mirador dels Apostols building. Here you may enjoy views from the mountain tops although sitting at picnic tables.

TipYou should keep in mind that Montserrat is towards the top of a tall mountain. On coming at Montserrat you will observe a substantial temperature drop from that at the end from the mountain. It’s worth keeping this in mind if you’re planning an open-air picnic – even when it seems like comfortable outside weather in the feet from the mountain, it will always be breezier and chillier at the very top. Only bring an open-air picnic if you think certain that the elements is going to be enjoyable enough to savor some al fresco dining.

Queviures Supermarket in Montserrat

There’s a little supermarket in Montserrat where one can buy fundamental supplies. It sells bread, local produce, drinks and confectionary. The costs are slightly greater than individuals which you may anticipate finding inside a normal city supermarket, however are not very inflated.

Market stalls at Montserrat


Montserrat, Spain: Mountaintop Monastery


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