“vacation in the country” screens in the country

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and photographed by: Dave Strohmaier. Additional captions

by: Alexis

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Grinan and Dave Strohmaier

The recently remastered Holiday In Spain 1960 lately screened in the

17th annual Malaga Film Festival on March 26th to some offered out house. The

complete Cinerama form of the 1960 film created by Michael Todd Junior. was

lengthy considered lost for several years by film historians.

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Cinerama Corporation. Scans "Vacation In

The country" at Crest Hollywood

"Scent of Mystery" Some ideas

following a 2004 screening

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Festival De

Malaga, Cine Espanol


outdoors the festival mind quarter in the door from the Hotel AC Malaga Palacio

in Calle Molina Lario. That’s the street resulting in the Cathedral.

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Initially it had been proven in

Smell-o-Vision as Scent of Mystery, a comparatively unsuccessful

venture. Then Cinerama acquired it from Todd in early 1960s and re-cut

it shedding about 14 minutes for any Cinerama release as Holiday In Spain.

Regrettably the initial Scent of Mystery version no more



arranged for Holiday In Spain in the door of Cine/Teatro Albniz in Calle

Alcazabilla (near the Roman Theatre).

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2 yrs ago Dave Strohmaier and

John Sittig made the decision to drag all the available film components from the

Cinerama vaults, both 65mm negative and print materials for that title to determine

whether it was easy to rebuild the Holiday In Spain version.

After about 5 several weeks of intensive digital cleanup and renovation work

the finished Holiday In Spain was ready for that 60th anniversary

of Cinerama in the Cinerama Dome in nov 2012.


in The country" DCP showed up in The country. Image by:

Ral Ramrez Vzquez.

Upon hearing this rare film, that was largely filmed in Malaga had

been reconstructed and re-mastered, Festival director Juan Antonio Vigar and

local newspaperman and movie historian, Francisco Grinan contacted David

Strohmaier about the potential of showing the show only at that years

festivities. Dave and the wife, Carin-Anne Strohmaier travelled to Malaga several

days prior to the screening to provide the show for Cinerama and also to perform a short

video around the many locations used in the region that may be utilized as extras

for that eventual Blu-ray and DVD release. The showing would be a resounding

success as numerous Malaga locals were curious to determine the show, that they had

only learned about for several years and which featured Liz Taylor within an unbilled

cameo role. Apparently Liz Taylor after which husband Eddie Fisher had produced

a significant local stir once the filming required devote Malaga within the summer time of



Catalog using the "Vacation In The country" entry.

Filming Locations: Alhambra in Granada


one is incorporated in the Alhambra in Granada. the

Court from the Estuary (Patio en Ra) as observed in the movie

"Vacation in The country"


en Ra as observed in March 2014 by Dave Strohmaier


Alhambra de Granada.

The Women Tower (Torre de las Damas) as observed in the movie

"Vacation in The country"


de las Damas as observed in March 2014 by Dave Strohmaier

Filming Locations: Malaga’s Cathedral


the doorway of Malaga’s Cathedral. At Plaza del Obispo (The Bishops square) as

observed in the movie "Vacation in The country".

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en Ra as observed in March 2014 by Dave Strohmaier

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Halo in the monastery


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