Holiday traditions – the country

Holiday traditions - the country Keep your breasts apart, making


1 poultry of four kg.

&frac12 kg. minced lean pork

1 kg. minced veal

Salt and ground pepper

1 glass of brandy

1 large glass of dry oloroso sherry

3 tins (of 90g) truffles (mushrooms)

150 g "jamon serrano"

200 g belly of pork in rashers

6 eggs

For garnish…

Apple puree, Plums, Pineapple, oranges and maraschino cherries

For that stock..

Carcass and giblets from the poultry

&frac12 kg carrots

&frac12 kg leeks

&frac12 kg onions

1 stick of celery

1 bottle of dry sherry

2 pork bones

36 g gelatin


Put the poultry upside lower, cut your skin across the backbone, and taking advantage of the fingers, ease away your skin successfully, first somewhere from the backbone after which alternatively. It’s elastic and really should leave easily.

Keep your breasts apart, making fillets from the thickest parts and cutting into strips. Take away the meat in the legs and wings, etc., and mince it using the pork and veal, putting everything right into a bowl. Season with salt and ground pepper, sprinkle using the brandy and sherry, add some chopped truffles as well as their juice, and also the pork and belly of pork in strips. Leave to marinate for 4 hrs, along with the beaten eggs.

Take away the sliced truffles and also the strips of pork and belly of pork, and reserve. Then knead together the filling completely by hands.

Now disseminate your skin from the poultry around the work surface and lay the fillets on the top such as the pages of the book. Cover the chest having a layer from the minced meat after which and among pork and belly of pork strips, breasts and slices of truffle, repeating the operation before the ingredients are utilized up. Utilizing a stout needle, sew together the perimeters of your skin as well as the holes produced by the wings and legs.

Put the sew-up skin using its filling on the white-colored napkin, roll it around and stitch with large stitches, then tie it right into a roll with uncolored string.

Place the roll right into a large saucepan, along with the chop up carcass and chop up vegetables and pour over this the bottle of dry sherry. Add some pork bones, the gelatin along with a couple of egg shells. Cover with 3 liters of cold water and boil quickly for several hrs (1 &frac12 hrs both sides), seasoning with salt and ground pepper. Make certain that it’s evenly cooked, then take away the roll and then leave it on the dish to empty and awesome.

Take away the cloth that is wrapped, wring the juice in to the cooking liquid, wash it out the material and again summary the roll without sewing. Use it a dish, convey a chopping board on the top, and on the top of the fat loss of three or four kg. Press for 12 hrs after which put in the refrigerator.

Boil the cooking liquid with no lid, reducing it to at least one liter if converting it right into a jelly. If strained, this will make an impressive soup or consomme. If needed thicker, add 3 or 4 leave of gelatin. Cut the roll into slices 1 cm. thick. Serve with puree of apples and plums and decorate with slices of fresh pineapples and orange with maraschino cherries.


8 egg yolks

A couple of drops of vanilla essence

1 pint milk

2 tbls. syrup

4 oz. sugar

Heat 3 tbls. sugar with &frac12 tbls. water until it’s of the brown caramel consistency. Pour into a stove-proof dish or little individual dishes, that have formerly been dipped into cold water and never dried (jetski from sticking). Create a custard by beating the yolks well, adding the milk and flavoring and pour in to the caramel-lined dish or dishes and bake for around twenty minutes. Awesome, come out and in awesome place until offered.


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