Global warming could transform southern the country into desert – the atlantic

“Under the [business-as-usual] scenario, all southern The country becomes desert, deciduous forests invade the majority of the mountain tops, and Mediterranean plant life replaces the majority of the deciduous forests in most from the Mediterranean basin,” write the study’s authors.

The paper also starts to complete an opening in available climate science: the way the newer, leaner 1.5-degree goal improves around the 2-degree goal in various regions around the globe. (Most biome models were built round the older 2-degree warming aim.) It finds that 1.5-degree averts the majority of the disruptive biome change.

“The distinction between climatic change of just one.5 levels Celsius and a pair of levels Celsius—just a little .5 degrees—is significant and never harmless,” stated Joel Guiot, a paleoclimatologist at Aix-Marseille College and among the authors from the study, within an email. “It is important to limit the warming to significantly less [than] 2 levels to prevent changes not experienced over the past 10,000 years.”

The research, by Guiot and the friend Wolfgang Cramer, is the first one to run the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals through BIOME4, a worldwide type of biome geography. BIOME4 isn’t the most condition-of-the-art biome model, but it’s the fastest—it doesn’t require several weeks of information-center or supercomputer time. First, Guiot and Cramer used the model to estimate the following century of biome alternation in Europe, given various warming pathways for that planet. They compared it to model runs within the last 10,000 years. Individuals runs were restricted by understanding acquired from pollen sediment core data—evidence of old biomes held in sedimentary rock.

Guiot and Cramer’s maps from the Mediterranean Basin under various warming scenarios. The map labeled D shows the approximate 1.5-degree scenario, figure E the two-degree scenario, figure F the three-degree scenario, and figure G the company-as-usual scenario, in which the atmosphere heats to greater than 5 levels Celsius over the pre-industrial average. Figure B shows certainly one of most anomalous regional moments of history 10,000 years, when Europe was cooler than usual.  

Even underneath the “moderate” warming scenarios, the model estimates that Mediterranean scrubland will expand and All downhill forests will recede.


Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age – Documentary


Douglas McIntosh: This show was made around 2003, and represents the extreme, radical environmentalist viewpoint. It made predictions related to 2010, some 7 years ago that simply haven't happened. Climate change has been shown to be a fraud based on flawed science, emotional hysteria and a political agenda. I also notice it was produced before any impact on the Gulf Stream from the BP Deep Horizon oil spill, or volcanic eruptions spewing particulate matter and CO2 into the atmosphere. It also doesn't factor in undersea volcanoes, changes in ocean PH, or the impact of Solar storms. In fact, the climate change "science" is totally based on emotional hysteria and anti-capitalist ideology. \nThis show was made to give credence to "climate change" and scare people into dismantling western economies in order to "save" Earth. It is basically bs that ignores the fact that man can do little to deal with "climate change" SINCE IT IS A NATURAL CYCLE BEYOND THE CONTROL OF MAN!

Joe Wilson: Douglas McIntosh I hate to inform you but this is starting to happen now as the thermahalin has started to slow down as the fresh water has started to enter the waters of the Atlantic ocean . This same action is happening to the Pacific ocean .

Citadin: Joe Wilson, only a few thousands years ago we were in an ice age and sea levels were over 120 meters lower, with large parts of Europe and North Aemrica under mile-thick ice sheet. The oceans have been filled up with a staggering amount of freshwater, the current rate of melting is tiny in comparison.\n\nYou need to broaden your information sources, alarmist literature is unscientific far-fetched predictions lacking any kind of perspective.

Dick Rundell: Man made Global Warming is BS! The only factors are the heating and cooling of the sun and volcanic activity. All else is mere speculation of fake news like the Russian crap.

Vilonious Lee: Secret Owl, of course global warming and cooling is real, it's been happening since the beginning of the Earth. What's also real is paying Al Gore or a 3rd world country money will not change global warming in the least.

Secret Owl: Vilonious Lee ya, for sure

Paul D: "American government report that believes the collapse of thermohaline circulation will take place around the year 2010 and impose a minor ice age on Europe." Hello… 2017.

Milton Hackett: 橋本絵莉子 Jesus calm down your gonna pop a vein !!!!

橋本絵莉子: "temps rising in our universe, by nasa"\nI can not find such an article, also I did till now also not read a paper coming to such results.

Stacie45: This stuff is just kooky. If you trigger a mini ice age in Western Europe, how do you get the melting of the Greenland ice sheet that is supposed to cause this catastrophic sea level rise? These people are full of shit. They want to dismantle the international free market economic system and impose their global socialist redistribution system in its place. Global Warming/Climate Change is simply the Pretext de Jour. Case closed.