Why study in the country?

Why study in The country being an Worldwide Student

Although The country is promoting an engaged educational system with worldwide recognition, students studying in The country don’t have to look abroad to

uncover why worldwide students get a wealthy educational and cultural experience. Spain’s universities and fields of studies can speak for

themselves. Why study in The country when there are more countries on the planet that may offer education and culture for an worldwide student? The country has

programs and systems in position to help you stand out not just in The country, but far away too.


light bulb rememberThe Alhambra in Granada, the truly amazing Mosque of Cordoba, the royal monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial – merely a couple of types of the inspiring culture and history.

In The country, you’ve got the chance to talk Spanish, the 2nd most broadly spoken language on the planet. This enables you to communicate to individuals in additional

than 21 countries – 495 million people – along with the Erasmus enter in place, The country welcomes worldwide students in The country with open arms, giving the

atmosphere different and thriving character. Monuments and museums line metropolitan areas, festivals, nightlife, tourist spots, theater, nature and excellent weather

encompass the metropolitan areas of The country.

Greater Education System

Quality education is guaranteed for worldwide students in The country, his or her college research has been acknowledged as the very first college institutions

dated to the 13th century. The only real Spanish-speaking country to possess modified its curriculum towards the European Greater Education Area (EHEA), the Council

of Universities helps to ensure that schools in The country achieve the required quality levels.

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