“la educación de sordos en españa deaf education in the country” by jaclyn terrio


I’d the great fortune so that you can volunteer with deaf students in the Centro Ave Maria San Cristóbal senior high school within the Albayzin, near to my very own school. Every Tuesdays and Thursdays I’d go into the classroom and spend more time with Cecilia, the director from the Deaf Program, and Anabel, a twenty years old industrious student. I met about ten deaf students in most, and spent substantial time with three of these. My dad is deaf and my mother is definitely an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter, so because of this whenever I found The country I needed to include my history in to the community project I’d be volunteering with. Fortunately I could be engaged using the Deaf School within the Albayzin. A lot of the information in my paper came from first hands interviews and encounters throughout my volunteer service, supplemented by additional research on Deaf existence in The country. I’ll review a history of Spanish Deafhood after which discuss several important issues within Deaf education. It had been an enriching and also at occasions confusing experience to juggle learning to speak spanish and Spanish Sign Language (LSE) simultaneously. At a point, I’d four languages swirling around within my mind, British, American Sign Language, Spanish, and Spanish Sign Language. Through the finish of the semester I’ve cultivated an affection for every distinct language as well as their intricacies.

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