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Fallon Wagner trained in The country with CIEE in 2014. Her proceed to The country brought her to pursue an expert of Arts (M.A.) degree in Worldwide Education in the College of Alcalá in The country.

We requested Fallon about her knowledge about teaching in The country and going after a graduate degree abroad:

CIEE: Why did you decide to educate in The country with CIEE?

Fallon: I had been employed in San José, Panama And Nicaragua , being an British teacher after i learned about the CIEE Educate Abroad program. Since I Have had spent a while in Central and South Usa (I studied abroad in Argentina within my undergrad), I understood which i desired to gain some experience employed in Europe. I had been also thinking about this program since i could be employed in public schools in The country. It was significantly not the same as these teaching experience, and so i was excited for that chance.    Fallon_Masters

My cohort for Master’s degree in Worldwide Education.

Why did you decide to do a Master’s degree in Worldwide Education in the College of Alcalá in The country?

After I gone to live in The country, a buddy from my undergrad was signed up for the Master’s program in the College of Alcalá. After researching this program, I learned it had become a totally free bilingual Master’s degree that just takes twelve months to accomplish. I usually understood which i desired to pursue a job in study abroad and greater education, which program was a great fit for me personally. 1 / 2 of my classes were trained in Spanish and 1 / 2 of my classes were trained in British. I understood this is an effective way that i can advance my Spanish skills, specifically in writing. I selected the Master’s degree in Worldwide Education as this program was aimed at students who intend to be company directors and managers for worldwide schools. Therefore, this Master’s degree could be especially helpful basically intend to operate in study abroad.     Fallon_UniversityUniversidad de Alcalá de Henares

That which was the entire process of signing up to graduate school outdoors from the U . s . States like?

It wasn’t as difficult when i initially anticipated. The procedure was much like what I needed to do in order to get my student visa for that CIEE program which i completed the prior year. A lot of the procedure is equivalent to signing up to a course within the U . s . States. I desired to supply my official transcripts, a duplicate of my Bachelor’s degree diploma, my resume, in addition to my application and internship form. My GRE scores weren’t needed. Because this would be a program outdoors from the U.S., I additionally needed to supply a copy of my passport and complete any adverse health questionnaire. After I was recognized towards the program, Then i required to renew my student visa, which may be completed in The country. As the renewal process could be tiresome, we’d a course coordinator to assist us with any complications.    

Are you able to explain more details on your graduate school program?

You will find four different tracks to select from within my program: Master in Worldwide Education, Master in Bilingual Education, Master in Teaching, and Máster en Aprendizaje y Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera.

While my Master’s program is technically “free,” this really is only possible through our internship like a Language and Cultural Assistant. Normally, Language and Cultural Assistants get a €1000 monthly stipend in the Spanish Secretary of state for Education. Within our program, we receive between €580 and €750 monthly stipend based on our quantity of internship hrs. Therefore, the remainder of our stipend is used to the Master’s degree program charges.Fallon_design course

 In our classes, we practiced different ways to produce second language acquisition through project based learning. Within this project, Group 1 needed to describe to Group 2 how you can position themselves to recreate the “rock star” picture above without showing them the image.

Have you got plans in which to stay The country after your graduate school program?

All students opt in which to stay The country or work abroad elsewhere following the program is completed. If students remain in The country, they can stick with their school for an additional year, or they are able to proceed to a Spanish public school. Other students will pursue teaching careers in Asia and also the Middle East, as some need a Master’s degree to go in their specific teaching program. Since I Have are in possession of 3 years training experience in addition to my Master’s in Worldwide Education, I plan to go back to the U.S. and pursue a job in work or study abroad in greater education.   

Have you got advice for CIEE alumni who are curious about going after a graduate degree abroad?

As I recommend going after a graduate degree abroad, students ought to know that the accreditation process for any Master’s degree outdoors from the U.S. is really a lengthy and tiresome process. I won’t be able to request my official transcripts until September, after which I’ve got a lengthy procedure for getting them converted, apostilled, and accredited by a 3rd party provider.

“The most significant characteristics required to develop a Master’s degree abroad are open-mindedness and versatility. Using these two traits, no challenge is simply too great to beat.Inches

Overall, I still recommend it. It requires hard dedication and work, but finishing a Master’s degree is a superb new career regardless of what industry you intend to pursue. You will find certainly cultural barriers which i have experienced within my 2 yrs in The country, however this has additionally gave me a method to better develop my intercultural competence. The most crucial characteristics required to develop a Master’s degree abroad are open-mindedness and versatility. Using these two traits, no challenge is simply too great to beat.  

Want to understand more about teaching in The country? Take a look at Fallon’s blog for that CIEE Educate Abroad program. 

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