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  • This summer 24, 2017

    Spanish Balearic Islands votes to get rid of bullfighting

    HSI/Europe applauded the Parliament from the Balearic Islands for approving legislative measures to really make it impossible to carry bullfights or bull fiestas within this autonomous community. The legislation came instead of an explicit ban since the Spanish Constitutional Court had formerly ruled that regions don’t have the autonomous capacity to ban bullfighting.

  • This summer 24, 2017

    Las Islas Baleares votan para eliminar la tauromaquia

    HSI aplaudió al Parlamento de las Islas Baleares por votar a big favor de medidas legislativas que imposibilitan la realización en tauromaquia en esta comunidad autónoma. Esta legislación sustituye una abolición directa debido a que el Tribunal Constitucional español ha dictaminado previamente que las regiones no tienen el poder autónomo para abolir las corridas de toros.

  • The month of january 31, 2017

    Humane Society Worldwide urges Colombian Constitutional Court to revise decision to overturn ban on bullfighting

    Following a first bullfight locked in the Bogota in 4 years, Humane Society Worldwide is asking around the Colombian Constitutional Court to revise their decision to overturn a ban on bullfighting established this year.

  • October 20, 2016

    Catalonia’s bullfighting ban overturned by Spain’s Constitutional Court

    HSI expressed disappointment the Constitutional Court of The country has overturned Catalonia’s ban on bullfighting that has been around since 2010 following huge public and Parliament approval.

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Bullfighting Cruelty


mary jane: now its time to watch bulls kill humans

Hardaim3453: Like this comment if bull fighting should stop right this second

Leo: That's cruelty. Anyone disagreeing is obviously in denial. Animals slaughtered to eat is different than killing an animal for entertainment.

matty is here: that is the worst thing ever a dislike for this because it is cruel animal cruelty

Isabella Daly: So we call killing animals a sport what has this world come to

DeadmanInc336: I see nothing "heroic" and "cultural" about this. If anything, it's cowardly.

Cydney7: Sick, sick, sick. And all those who support it are just as sick.

Juhel Ahmed: How does government allow this? Its inhuman

Bradly Roman: why would you do that to those poor animals!!

Sunny Kapoor: stop killing animals