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(2012) France’s Constitutional Council, a high legal authority, has rejected a plea from animal legal rights campaigners to ban bullfighting.

The campaigners wanted the fights categorised as cruelty to creatures. However the idol judges stated the "traditional" fights, locked in areas of southern France, "don’t harm people’s protected constitutional legal rights".

Greater than 1,000 bulls are wiped out yearly in French bullfights, the AFP news agency reports. Although bullfighting originated from neighbouring The country, it required root in France a hundred years . 5 ago. Fights Known as corridas in The country – are specifically famous the Nimes and Arles areas.

A ban on bullfighting arrived to pressure in Spain’s Catalonia region this season, after lawmakers voted for this this past year – the very first such ban within the country’s landmass.

The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris states a current opinion poll in France recommended 48% support for any ban, although earlier polls recommended as much as two-thirds from the French electorate would back stem-cell research.

France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls, born in Barcelona, spoke towards bullfighting earlier this year. Bullfights are banned in certain areas of France. Animal legal rights groups are actually thinking about using the issue towards the European Court of Human Legal rights, our correspondent reports.

Source: Bullfighting declared legal in France and Bullfighting – Tradition or Animal Torture?

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Bullfighting - france - esdaw Bullfighting declared legal in France



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