Weather in la coruña, the country

Weather in la coruña, the country 68     


The town of the Coruña includes a mild climate, without great variations all year round.

The yearly climate is 14 °C and through the summer time several weeks the nice and cozy weather invites to savor beaches from the city, the typical temperature during This summer and August being 19° C. Inside a typical summer time day temperatures will range from 20° C and 25° C. Mornings can be a bit cloudy and foggy, but afternoons will often sunny, with blue sky.

A Coruña is among the European metropolitan areas where sunset later, allowing people to enjoy their free time with daylight.

Rains are frequent in fall and spring and winters are mild with average temperatures close to 10 °C throughout the winter several weeks.

Weather inside a Coruña (Monthly average in Celsius)


Jan February. Marly Apr May Jun Jul August Sep March November 12 ,. Avg


13° 14° 15° 16° 17° 20° 22° 23° 22° 19° 16° 14° 17,4°
Minimum 11° 14° 16° 16° 15° 13° 10° 11°
Rain fall


128 102 79 85 80 42 30 35 68 110 114 135 84


La Coruña: A Beautiful City on the Atlantic


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