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The country in general has numerous distinct climates determined by location and topography. Its southern coast, central and north-central regions possess a Mediterranean climate characterised by hot summers and mild winters. The country’s southeastern quarter is dry and semi-arid, as the northwestern region such as the unique Basque Country displays an oceanic climate. The Canary Islands are sub-tropical, whereas the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada display all downhill climate conditions.

Periodic temperature extremes are typical, with Madrid summer time highs around 86°F or greater and freezing lows in December and The month of january. Valladolid in northern Meseta is drier compared to Australian outback, while Andalusian Seville can achieve over 95°F, peaking in This summer and August. Weather across the northern Bay of Biscay coast is heavily affected by cold northwestern/northern air flow in the Pyrenees, giving more mild weather and rain fall. Barcelona’s weather patterns are normal for seaside locations, warmer compared to inland metropolitan areas, however with mugginess in summer time.

Between April and November most The country is warm to hot. Within the mountain tops, snowfall begins around October, however the high peaks have snow cover throughout the year. For individuals unfamiliar with blistering heat, the shoulder seasons of fall and spring permit much more comfortable beach holidays and outside activities.

Ideal Time to go to The country

Based on where you’re headed and just what you expect to do, The country is really a year-round destination, with May, June and September the very best weather-wise with no summer time crowds. Outside enthusiasts will love April and October, even though the nights could be awesome, based on location and altitude. Skiers flock towards the mountain resorts in the winter months, while walking and hiking is better in spring or early summer time.

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