Spanish weather terms

Spanish weather terms which we all can understand

Possibly individuals have said before that The country is really a land of perpetual sunshine. Yes, it is a fact we have more hrs regarding each year compared to other Countries in europe, but we have clouds, the periodic rain shower within the city, snow, and also the beautiful areas in northern our country rely on rain the majority of the year to boast such spectacular eco-friendly landscapes. There exists a large amount of varied weather, and you’ll probably encounter some altering weather types on your stay even when it’s really a short one.

Because of this we believe that it is crucial you know a few of the meteorological terms utilized in The country. Do not concern yourself those that we’ve selected aren’t complicated terminology but words which we use every day in conversation to explain what we should see outdoors in our home windows. This really is all vocabulary which is very helpful for you personally during all of your outings, journeys and travels! Obviously, among the favourite pastimes for most people is to speak about the elements, and frequently whenever we meet somebody new and we’re unsure by what to state we love to to talk about this sort of phenomenon since it is something which we all can understand and see. I am not suggesting you will get blank looks whenever you discuss whether it’s been raining or sunny lately! Because of this it’s really a wise decision to obtain these types of terms inside your mind like a tool that can be used in social situations, to make sure that the conversation flows well which is not awkward for you personally.

We’ve incorporated not only the different sorts of fundamental weather which you’ll experience, but additionally more descriptive terms, in addition to general words which are utilized to discuss the weather. You may see these phrases getting used on the news program’s weather forecast, or you will simply employ them yourself, regardless if you are speaking by what is going on now, what went down previously, or what’s predicted for future years. You can preserve their list inside your bookmarks if you wish to check it afterwards!


Degree (10 levels)




Rain storm


To rain
To snow
To hail
To pour

To become cold (outdoors)
To become hot (outdoors)
I’m cold.
I’m hot.

Ton / To ton

El sol
La lluvia
La nieve
El viento
La nube
La brisa
La niebla
Los granizos
La aguanieve
El hielo

La temperatura
El grado (10 grados)

La tormenta
El chaparón / El chubasco
El trueno
El rayo

El pronóstico / La previsión

Llover a cántaros

Hacer frío.
Hacer calor.
Tengo frío.
Tengo calor.

El huracán
El tornado
La inundación / Inundar


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