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Picture We’re in the middle of our weather unit, and so i thought I’d share a few of the activities we have carried this out week to operate around the interpretive mode (studying/listening) and cultural understanding round the theme.

This really is an amount 2 class, therefore we are revisiting the fundamentals of weather they learned in level 1 and increasing these to include weather in past and future constructions and a lot of vocabulary they would really hear throughout a "pronóstico del tiempo". This is actually the list we’re dealing with:
Picture After presenting the vocabulary we began having a studying activity that concentrates on a couple of things – understanding the expressions connected with weather AND beginning to concentrate on Once the weather conditions are occurring. Picture We checked out weather around world with Zachary Jones’ awesome Tiempo Mundial activities.

I had no clue how little science background a lot of my students had if this found weather outdoors from the U . s . States, therefore we spent a while discussing weather patterns one might see in Spanish-speaking countries. I needed these to realize that tropical countries recognize la estación lluviosa and la estación seca as opposed to the 4 seasons that people recognize within the northern U . s . States. We did this like a studying comprehension activity too with a lot of visuals for support.


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