Discussing temperatures in spanish

Discussing temperatures in spanish indeed, nearly the

  • Tenía una temperatura de 36.8 grados. (She’d a temperature of 36.8 levels.)

Bear in mind that the majority of the Spanish-speaking world (indeed, nearly the whole world) uses temperatures in Celsius as opposed to the F you are accustomed to if you reside in the U . s . States. To transform temperatures from F to Celsius, take away 32 and multiply the end result by .555 (or five-ninths). To transform temperatures from Celsius to F, multiply the temperature by 1.8 and add 32. In past statistics, the formulas seem like this:

  • C = 5(F-32)/9
  • F = 9C/5 + 32

By trying these formulas, you will find that an appearance temperature of 98.6 levels F is equivalent to 37 levels Celsius, and the other way around. And also the 200-degree oven within the examples above is equivalent to one that is set in a bit under 400 levels F.

Obviously, mathematical precision is not always necessary. Here is how I frequently consider temperatures in Celsius. Obviously, should you originate from a different sort of climate than I actually do, you might even see it differently:

  • -20 levels C or below (-4 levels F or below): frigid (muy frío).
  • -20 to levels C (-4 to 32 levels F): cold (frío).
  • to 10 levels C (32 to 50 levels F): awesome (fresco).
  • 10-20 levels C (50 to 68 levels F): mild (templado).
  • twenty to thirty levels C (68 to 86 levels F): warm (caliente).
  • thirty to forty levels C (86 to 104 levels F): hot (muy caliente).
  • 40 levels C and above (104 levels F and above): unbearably hot (insoportablemente caliente).

Resourse: https://thoughtco.com/

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