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Bithday Present GIVING

  • There’s a convention in The country of companies

    giving their workers a hamper or basket of drink and food at Christmas

    [families and buddies exchange presents around the Feast from the Epiphany (6

    The month of january)].

  • In ordinary Spanish business culture, however,

    gifts are often given only following effective negotiations.

  • If you have a gift, you need to open it up

    immediately and while watching giver.

  • When offering any gift, you need to ensure

    that it’s a high-quality item [possibly a brandname-name] which is finely

    wrapped it ought to advertise your business only if it’s an excellent pen or perhaps a

    stylish desk accessory.

  • You shouldn’t give anything too extravagant as

    your generosity might be regarded as a bribe.

  • If you’re able to travel prepared, representative local

    artefacts and occasional-table books regarding your home region will often be

    appreciated as gifts. College or sports team shirts and caps could be good

    selections for your colleagues’ children.

  • If unprepared, a container of proper brandy or whisky

    will be appreciated.

  • If you’re asked to some Spanish home, you

    must take chocolates, dessert products for example pastries, or flowers [not

    dahlias, chrysanthemums, white-colored lilies or red roses, as well as an odd quantity of

    blooms that isn’t 13].

*Dray, Paul. The country Business Etiquette –

Giving Gifts. Executive Planet. 16 August.

2004 .

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