The country – daily existence and social customs

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Spanish cooking varies from place to place, associated with local products and traditions. Galicia, for instance, is famous because of its sea food, including dishes of baby eels and Vizcayan-style codfish Catalonia is famous for meat and vegetable casseroles and Valencia may be the homeland of paella, a grain dish created using sea food, meats, and vegetables. From Andalusia comes gazpacho, a scrumptious cold soup made from tomato plants, garlic clove, and cucumber, as the cattle-producing region of Castile boasts succulent roasts and air-dried hams. Spanish meals are frequently regarded as very spicy, but, aside from a couple of dishes which contain small quantities of a gentle chili pepper, probably the most piquant component generally me is paprika. Otherwise, dishes could be flavoured with your spices as tarragon and saffron. Probably the most broadly eaten meats are pork, chicken, and beef, however in much of the nation lamb is eaten on special events. Very keen on both seafood, Spanish are some of the world’s largest consumers of sea food. Legumes, especially lentils and chickpeas, also form a fundamental part of the Spanish diet.

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10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries


Matthew Chan: I went to Korea once, a bunch of cute girls smiled at me…

Chafizz: So what can i do about it? I mean I'm chinese and I think it is wrong.

吾国: 混淆韩国历史?我笑出了声

Doctor Turdmidget: Want to offend an American? Say something. Anything at all, it doesn't matter. Someone will think it's sexist, racist, homophobic, or some other bullshit.

Ty921: Just take our job that really gets us ;0

Algorox: Number 3 is absolute fake bullshit. I'm from South Korea. People smile all the time. What would be society without smiling? Some of the others are probably bullshit too.

S.W.A.T X-9: number 10 shocked me because it´s a damm lie,i am from brazil i knom how my country is…

Aaron Holoien: How to offend someone on the Internet:\n\nStep 1 – Exist\nStep 2 – Wait

Elijah Toombs: Aaron Holoien you asshole

Name Taken: I'm ready to go score a couch who's with me?