Ruiz, t.f.: a king travels: festive traditions at the end of medieval and early modern the country. (ebook, paperback and hardcover)

A King Travels examines the scripting and gratifaction of festivals in The country between 1327 and 1620, offering an unparalleled consider the various kinds of festivals which were locked in Iberia in this crucial duration of European history. Bridging the space between your medieval and early modern eras, Teofilo Ruiz concentrates on the travels and festivities of Philip II, going through the complex relationship between power and ceremony, and supplying a vibrant portrait of Spain’s cultural and political existence.

Ruiz covers a variety of festival groups: circus, royal records, tournaments, calendrical and noncalendrical celebrations, autos de fe, and Corpus Christi processions. He probes the ritual meanings of those occasions, having to pay special focus on using colors and symbols, and also to the ability relations articulated with these festive displays. Ruiz argues the fluid and also at occasions subversive character of medieval festivals turned into highly formalized and hierarchical occasions reflecting a wider transfer of how power was articulated at the end of medieval and early modern The country. Yet Ruiz contends these festivals, when they searched for to buttress authority and instruct different social orders about hierarchies of power, also offered as sites of contestation, dialogue, and resistance.

A King Travels sheds new light on Iberian festive traditions as well as their unique role within the centralizing condition at the begining of modern Castile.


"Accomplished historian Ruiz examines festivals in The country from roughly 1200 towards the mid-17th century. Beginning in the premise these occasions communicated social, political, and ideological content, the writer argues effectively that the close analysis with time of numerous festivals and related traditions–e.g., individuals connected with royal records and appointments with major municipalities royal births, weddings, and funerals Corpus Christi and Circus–improves historians’ knowledge of alterations in political processes and culture. . . . It provides information and insight that anthropologists, students of Spanish literature, and historians of The country and colonial Spanish America will draw upon for several years.InchChoice

"[O]ne may recommend the current study like a work of affection–an in depth and fascinating summary of that colourful realm of chivalry which, because he confesses, has captivated the writer since his youth."–James Casey, European History Quarterly

"Ruiz is . . . an expert storyteller. The chroniclers who initially recounted these festivities and processions in loving detail meant to recreate for his or her readers an entire vision from the clothing, music, food, decorative arches, dances, and jousts that constituted them, and Ruiz has been doing exactly the same service for all of us.Inch–Jodi Campbell, British Historic Review

"This research gives the forefront the Iberian Peninsula, a geographical area usually neglected within the studies of those celebrations, although it informs, enlightens, and entertains. An excellent read."–Candelas Gala, European Legacy


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Table of Contents:

Preface ix
Abbreviations xiii
Chapter I: Festivals at the end of Medieval and Early Modern The country: An Intro 1
Chapter II: This Is of Festivals: A Typology 34
Chapter III: Royal Records, Princely Visits, Triumphal Celebrations in The country, c. 1327-1640 68
Chapter IV: The Dwelling from the Late Medieval and Early Modern Royal Entry: Change and Continuity 113
Chapter V: A King Goes Traveling: Philip II within the Crown of Aragon, 1585-86 and 1592 146
Chapter Mire: Martial Festivals and also the Chivalrous Imaginary 193
Chapter VII: Nobleman and Knights playing at the end of Medieval and Early Modern The country 210
Chapter VIII: From Circus to Corpus Christi 246
Chapter IX: Noncalendrical Festivals: Existence Cycles and Power 293
Conclusion 331
Appendix: The Feasts of May 1428 at Valladolid 335
Bibliography 339
Index 345

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Area Of Interest:

  • European History

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