New year’s eve and traditions in the country

New year's eve and traditions in the country one grape to another

Let’s undergo a few of the traditions within the Spanish-speaking world with this special and yesterday of the season.

Las 12 uvas (The 12 grapes)

In The country the tradition for brand new Year’s Eve is organized around grapes. Yes, grapes. Every December 31 at 11:55 p.m., families and buddies gather from our primary square to hear the bells tolling at night time to point the modification of the year. As the bells toll, you’re likely to eat one grape to another, to the 12 grapes that take us to the year after. There must be a wish linked to each one of the grapes.

The modification of the year is definitely broadcast from the Puerta del Sol tower clock, where this tradition began, so most families really gather round the Radio or television. The broadcast is kind of tacky and old-fashioned, but totally worth watching.

The key to this tradition is really not choking using the grapes, because they fill the mouth area attempting to stick to the pace from the bells. You should attempt it a while! Here’s a relevant video on 2014-2015 change of the year.

Lencería roja (Red under garments)

In The country people usually use red under garments (braguitas y calzoncillos) about this night, to create best of luck and love for an additional year.

Keep in mind it ought to be completely new. Elsewhere in South America, for instance, the color they choose is yellow (in Colombia) and pink (in Argentina).

New year's eve and traditions in the country The broadcast is kind of

Los propósitos de Año Nuevo (New Year’s good purposes)

It’s typical in The country to create Year purposes to become achieved during 2016. Here you’ve got a list of the very most common ones:

  • Perder peso. [slim down]
  • Trabajar menos. [work less]
  • Ejercitarse más. [exercise more]
  • Aprender united nations nuevo idioma. [become familiar with a new language]
  • Acostarse más temprano. [go to sleep earlier]
  • Despertarse más temprano. [awaken earlier]
  • Ser más agradecido. [become more grateful]
  • Dejar de fumar. [stop smoking
  • Reclamar menos. [complain less]
  • Aprender a cocinar. [learn to prepare]
  • Beber más vino y menos cerveza [drink more wine and fewer beer]
  • Ser más paciente [become more patient]
  • Pasar menos tiempo en Facebook [cut back time on Facebook]
  • Leer más libros [find out more books]

2015 was my newbie writing for this web site. Let’s hope 2016 brings a lot more possibilities such as this.

¡Feliz año nuevo!

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PivotMasterRO: ERM,here in Romania we don't whisper to animals,are you stupid?I'm sorry but,first dislike belongs to me,I find it offensive tbh.

2NDSIDE: America – Get fucked up and wake up the next morning in the backyard…

emiltc: I'm from Denmark\n\nAnd the plate thing is NOT something er do

Morten N: The first one about Denmark is fake! We dont do that!

Mihaela Jahn: I am Romanian and can tell you that we don't talk to animals on New Years Eve 😀 :))))))))))))))) I don't know, maybe Romanian gypsies do that, but not all Romanians. We have all night parties, drink and eat a lot (head cheese, sausages, aspic, boeuf sallad, cabbage rolls, etc – lots of pork dishes, since it's the pork season :)

Обучение по скайпу: this video is a blur but probably inspired by the best friend of the author of this video – vodka

alex cracan: We here don't speak to animals,but we do smash plates instead 

Erica G.: Ecuador 💖✌️😂

kophein: Romania here. I've never heard of anyone purposely speaking to any animals on New Year's Eve. Except maybe some baby talk and being overly cuddly due to alcohol consumption. The only speaking animals in Romanian culture are in fairy tales.

AxelBro: Whispering to animals on new years eve in Romanis? Guys i'm from there and it's not true