Feliz navidad: winter holiday traditions in the country

So Yes, it appears like the holiday season is over, however in The country christmas stretches until The month of january sixth, so I am not late with this particular publish! Continue reading to understand more about the interesting holiday traditions during this time period of the year.

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The Fundamentals

December 24th & 25th: Nochebuena, (Christmas Eve) and Navidad (Xmas Day)

On Christmas Eve, people mainly dine using their immediate family, whereas on Christmas Day people visit their extended families in other villages and kids receive presents from Papa Noel (Santa Claus also known as Santa). Getting coal if your child isn’t good is really a tradition too, although it isn’t real coal, but chocolate (exactly what a punishment)!

December 31st & The month of january 1st: Noche Vieja (New Years Eve) and New Years Day

In The country, people generally stay home using their family to ring in 2012, after night time go out and about using their buddies.

In your own home, people stick to the hugely popular tradition of eating 12 grapes to count lower the final 12 seconds before 2012. Sitting front from the television every December 31st are countless Spanish watching like a news anchor eats the twelve grapes while concurrently furiously stuffing their cheekbones with grapes until they appear like chipmunks. Twelve months, the announcer all messed up, creating a nationwide scandal that’s still appreciated. You will find strict rules all around the eating from the grapes, unless of course you’re a child or old, by which situation you’re excempt. But you’re now permitted to peel the grapes or remove the seeds – cheating! The grapes should be acquired ahead of time, if waiting towards the last second either they’ll be gone or you’ll have the hugest grapes at the shop, an unhealthy outcome indeed!

The month of january 6th: El Día de los Reyes Magos (3 Wise Men Day)

This is actually the day the 3 Wise Men arrived at the infant Jesus to provide him their infamous presents of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Here though, they’re known as the Reyes Magos, which means the special moment Nobleman, which i’m is really a way cooler name than Three Wise Men (who wouldn’t wish to be a king rather of only a wise man?). Spanish children call the special moment Nobleman by name, which surprised me initially since i certainly never even considered them getting names.

Typically, this is actually the day’s the current exchange and just lately have presents started to be exchanged on Xmas Day.

Appears just like a win-win for children, not just what is the longer school vacation (which starts before Christmas and goes before the 8th of The month of january), however they get presents on 2 days!


Belenes, or Nativity Scenes, are traditional and incredibly popular tradition in The country. All students and teachers advised me to visit begin to see the Belen from the city in the Town Hall close to the Primary Square, and a few proudly demonstrated me photos on their own phones that belongs to them Belens that they placed in their very own homes.

Now basically we will have Nativity Scenes within the U . s . States, setup outdoors places of worship, or sometimes children in people’s homes, The country takes it one step further completely. The main reason they’ve the name Belen (or Bethlehem), happens because it isn’t only the scene of Jesus within the manger, however the entire town of Bethlehem on Xmas Day. Sheep being brought by shepherds around the borders of town, little intricately made houses with balconies, street scenes, and bridges to which real water flows. Obviously the centerpiece may be the manger scene and also the three wise men.

Belen manger scene

I had been amazed through the Belen in Madrid. It had been so intricate, so carefully come up with, you could only imagine how lengthy it required to construct. Certainly one of my students demonstrated us a small one out of his house he stated required him 6 hrs alone! I really like models such as this of all types, may it be an aerial look at a town or Christmas villages, and so i was super looking forward to this awesome tradition!


The good thing associated with a holiday is definitely the meals (I dare anyone to disagree beside me about this one, and okay you cannot say family), and The country performs this very well. Europeans generally love their pastries, and The country isn’t any different, especially round the holidays. I requested my students to provide me a few examples of traditional Christmastime foods, and that i was immediately bombarded with voices throughout the classroom yelling out different foods. Plus they counseled me pastries, something I’m able to certainly jump in with.

Listed here are the primary ones:



Essentially a brick typically made from honey and almonds, turrón develops from a town known as Jijona turrón in Valencia. Really it’s an Arabic food, as most of the foods you’ll find in this area of The country, because it had (and it has) huge Arabic influence. I had been fortunate enough to try some turrón in the town itself (among the teachers introduced it away from a weekend trip there), so I’ve had probably the most authentic turrón possible, and that i can attest that it’s pretty scrumptious! Today turrón comes in several flavors from coconut to chocolate, however the almond may be the original.


A huge ring of pastry with fruits dotting the very best sometimes full of custard, my students were very divided on whether or not they hated or loved it. My own verdict still remains seen, when i haven’t been with them yet!



That one isn’t just Spanish, as I’ve had marzipan in other Countries in europe before. But situation a conventional Christmastime treat. I am not an enormous fan from the taste, but they’re pretty cute within their little figurine form!

That’s it, a few of the holiday traditions in The country! What are a few of your preferred traditions?

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