¡feliz navidad! christmas traditions in the country

Christmas Eve is known as Nochebuena in Spanish, which accurately means the “Goodnight.” Nochebuena is a big family gathering in The country, which is once they consume the primary Christmas meal. Houses are decorated with nativity scenes, poinsettias, and trees for that holidays. Early at night people might have to go out for drinks with buddies, but during the night they go back home to possess a traditional family dinner. An average meal might contain prawns or sea food like a starter, adopted with a primary meat dish for example, “cordero” roast lamb, or “pavo trufado de navidad” poultry with mushroom truffles, as well as for dessert the standard Christmas sweet, “turrón” an almond nougat.Traditional Spanish vino is offered using the meal, also cava, Catalán champagne, might be employed to toast the special day. After dinner families attend night time mass, known as “La Misa del Gallo,” or “The Mass from the Rooster” since it is thought that a rooster crowed around the night Jesus was created. After mass the festivities carry on in to the night. Within the Basque Country this is actually the night when children’s presents are delivered by Olentzero, a large, old man outfitted like a Basque player and putting on a beret and smoking a pipe.







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