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In The country, Christmas is very festive. The festival season begins with

the feast from the Immaculate Conception on eighth of December, that is held

yearly while watching great Medieval cathedral in Seville. The ceremony

and celebrations about this day are classified as ‘los Seises’ or even the ‘dance of

six.’ However, the ritual dance performance has precise movements and

gestures and it is done by ten boys which are decked in elaborate

costumes. On Christmas Eve referred to as ‘Nochebuena’ or ‘the Good Night’,

small oil lamps are lit out of all houses with the look of the

stars on the horizon. There’s a festive Christmas dinner to see relatives people

who gather round the Nativity scenes at home following the Night time


Traditional Spanish Christmas treat is Turron, almond chocolate. Following the

dinner, people dance on roads. The special Christmas dance of The country is

known as ‘Jota’ which is stated the lyrics and music which it’s

performed is centuries old. Instruments for example guitars and

castanets accompany Jota. Manger scenes are decorated in cathedrals and

places of worship in addition to homes. They frequently use created figures and families

gather round the manger during before Christmas to sing carols and

children play tambourines and dance. Cows receive special recognition in

The country, as French people think that the cow within the stable where Mary

delivered Jesus, breathed around the baby to help keep him warm. Spanish

Christmas is extremely religious.

The patron saint of the nation is Virgin Mary. Swingsets are

especially setup for Christmas which is thought that swinging at

solstice time evokes an old desire under the sun to ‘swing’ greater in

heaven. On 28th of December, there’s the feast from the Holy Innocents.

Youthful boys light bonfires and something is hired the mayor during the day,

who orders everyone from the town or village to do social chores

for example sweeping the roads.

Any refusals warrant fines, which are utilized to purchase Christmas

celebrations. Spanish children receive gifts on sixth of The month of january through the

Three Wise Men. Around the previous evening, they leave their footwear outdoors

and fill all of them with straw or barley and carrots for his or her camels and

horses and discover that it’s passed by the morning and therefore are substituted with

presents on their behalf rather. Footwear might be stored in doorways, windowsills or

balconies, in which the Wise Men will find them easily.

Resourse: http://worldofchristmas.internet/christmas-world/

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Marli's World Inspiration: I'm from Austria and there we open our presents on 24th of December at the evening. You invite your friends without childrens over and sometimes your family. An the presents were given by the "Christkind" which is maybe Jesus, maybe it's an angle or it's god. Nobody knows!😉