11 details about christmas traditions in catalonia

2. You will not look for a Christmas tree in each and every Catalan house.

Christmas tree on Placa Jaume, Barcelona, Spain

Christmas tree on Placa Jaume, Barcelona

3. You may be surprised to understand that in Catalonia it isn’t Father Christmas, Santa Claus or Baby Jesus who bring presents, however a cheeky log putting on a conventional Catalan hat, that you’ve hitting having a stick to make it “drop” you some gifts. It’s known as Tió de Nadal (“Christmas Log”) nevertheless its popular nickname is “Caga Tió(“Shitting Log”).

Prior to the primary Christmas celebrations Tió is introduced home, given and engrossed in a hot blanket. On Xmas Day or Christmas Eve (with respect to the household) children are meant to leave the area and pray for Tió to brings them some gifts (while their parents make use of this perfect chance to place something beneath the blanket). Once the kids return, they are meant to hit it having a stick while singing a conventional song which apparently helps make the Tió shit out some presents.

The song goes the following:

“Caga tió,

caga torró,

avellanes i mató,

si no cagues bé

et daré united nations cop de bastó.

caga tió!”

shit, log,

shit nougats (turrón),

hazelnuts and mató cheese,

should you not shit well,

I’ll hit you having a stick,

shit, log!

Or else:

“Caga tió,

tió de Nadal,

no caguis arengades,

que són massa salades

caga torrons

que són més bons!”

shit, log,

log of Christmas,

don’t shit herrings,

that are too salty,

shit nougats (turrón)

that are far better!

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Kate McKinnon Adopted a Catalan Poop Log Christmas Tradition


Maria O.J: Being catalan this tradition seemed normal… but then you hear how other people see it and… it's so weird

Maverick: Maria O.J yeah xD

Ascent: Don't be self conscious Catalans. It sounds fun. Stuff everything seems weird to people with close minds.

Nathaniel Krefman: They have another fecal Christmas tradition in Catalonia: the caganer, which is a figurine of a young man squatting with poop coming out of its butt that they display. They also make caganers of famous figures.

Maverick: Nathaniel Krefman yaeh xD.

Buch: catalan folks are my kind of people. earthy

Suki Buruberi: Thanks! It's cool see what foreign people think about your traditions.

Raquel Vila: Stan Buczak that's me!

Maria Luísa: Why do I love this goddamn weirdo so much??

Christøpher: Maria Luísa ~ Hot, Funny……and Gay! What's not to Love!