Welcome at tenerife management cleaning & rentals

Tenerife-Management, Cleaning & Rentals is really a

friendly family business with offices within the south of Tenerife along with a

multi-lingual staff.

It had been placed in 2007, with a previous owner and

initially known as Nederlander

Property Investment. In ’09, with 25 qualities within the books, we

required over the organization and progressively made little changes to enhance our

services both to the proprietors and also to our rental clients.

In the last couple of years, our status is continuing to grow

significantly. Aside from our website, we all do advertise our property

management services

and also have purely grown our listing of qualities via person to person and good

traditional effort. It’s not unusual for all of us to become building a property

after which discover the nearby neighbor contacts us to make use of our services


The finish outcome is a business that manages

roughly 60 independently owned

villas and apartments within the south of Tenerife and our portfolio is growing

monthly. We’re careful to simply undertake qualities of the high

standard and each is individually inspected, normally by among the

Company directors, or maybe not by our on-site managers. We regular turn lower

demands to book our qualities don’t let deem them less than standard.

Unlike large tour operators along with other holiday company’s in which the person

you’re liaising with will probably have simply no understanding of the accommodation

you’re enquiring about, we are able to consult with the most confidence and even

be aware of neighborhood thoroughly too. Whenever you call us in regards to a specific

property, you’ll be passed to a staff member who’ll have visited

the home under consideration and they can tell it and also the immediate area well.

In Tenerife, there’s a passionate multi-lingual group of cleaners and maintenance

people who’s job would be to make certain your home is suitably ready for

you. Lots of people book around within the reassurance that there’s a multi-lingual staff near by to any or all our qualities, within the unlikely even you

should encounter a maintenance problem on your stay.

When you return out of your holiday, our work does not hold on there. You’ll

get an email requesting feedback in your yard and also the service

you received. In this manner, we make use of your feedback to constantly attempt to

improve our services.

Incidentally, if you are a owner and also you would like your property professionally

managed by Tenerife Management, Cleaning &Rentals or have a very good quality property

and wish accommodations earnings, simply send us an email at


for more information by what are going to for you personally. You may even wish to

read our

Property Management section


Due to the service offered and also the qualities we offer, our list

of repeat rental clients keeps growing constantly. Hopefully you’ve got a lovely

vacation in Tenerife and like many more, that we’ll be talking with

you again soon!!

Good Luck,

Mandy & Cornelia

The Company directors

Tenerife-Management, Cleaning & Rentals

Resourse: http://tenerife-mcr.com/Engels/Text/

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