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property [ˈprɒpətɪ] noun1 (possession) propiedad (f) whose rentals are this? &iquestde quién es esto? &iquesta quién pertenece esto? it does not appear to become anyone’s property no parece que tenga dueño "this book may be the property of Marling School" most men no more treat their women as property she left her property to her daughter dejó sus bienes a su hija if you’re under physical attack, what the law states provides you with the authority to defend your and yourself property security forces looked a large number of homes, confiscating weapons and stolen propertycommon property propiedad (f) de todos /the land ought to be enjoyed as common property/, readily available for everybody the motorboats were common property, utilized as needed and left for the following persongovernment property propiedad (f) del gobierno he was charged with misusing government propertypersonal property efectos (m) or objetos (m) personales you treat me as the personal property me tratas como si fuera de tu propiedad personal property should not be left within the cloakroom Richard could easily destroy her personal property to punish her for walking on himpublic property (land) bien (m) público they offer land that’s said to be public property religious structures of any sort on public property are more and more being challenged in the court her success made her public property overnight su éxito la convirtió en united nations personaje público en noche a la mañana that news is public property eso lo saben todos ya esa noticia es ya del dominio público this article be public property tomorrowhe was billed with receiving stolen property se le acusó de comerciar disadvantage objetos robadosintellectual lost 2 (land) (chunk of property) propiedad (f) terreno (m) leave my property salga de mi propiedad there is a dam at one fringe of the homeprivate property propiedad (f) privada the automobile was parked on [private] property (property) propiedades (f) he owns property in Ireland tiene propiedades en Irlandaa guyOrlady of property united nations hombre/una mujer acomodadoaacomodadaa acomodada real 3 (building) propiedad (f) inmueble (m) an excellent property with views within the lake his house is a contemporary four-bedroomed property with ocean views Cecil inherited a household property near Stamford he has got their own property4 (possession) propiedad (f) until 3 years ago private property wasn’t permitted in Cambodia5 (phenomenon) fenómeno (m) estrella (f) she’s been dubbed Hollywood’s hottest property since Lana Turner the show made Whoopi Goldberg a warm property he is just about the hottest property in football se ha convertido dentro del fenómeno futbolístico más importante6 (Teat) accesorio (m)qualities accesorios (m) at(t)rezzo (m)7 (quality) (gen pl) propiedad (f)this plant has healing qualities esta planta tiene propiedades curativas an invisible signal has both electrical and magnetic qualities fundamental focus on the qualities of fundamental particlesmodifierproperty company (n) compañía (f) inmobiliaria a nearby property company contacted the council having a low-cost plan for council offices the emergence of specialist house companiesproperty developer (n) promotorapromotora (m) (f) inmobiliarioainmobiliariaa promotora a inmobiliaria the apartment, worth £800,000, was bought by property developer Mark Littlejohn just for £320,000 Olympia & You are able to grew to become the earth’s largest property developer by purchasing at the end from the market within the two recessions from the 1970s and 1980s community struggles against property developers and concrete renewalproperty insurance (n) seguro (m) inmobiliario property insurance coverage is cheaper if our rentals are near to a hydrant mortgage applications here require evidence of property insurance who accounts for maintaining property insurance when the rentals are under contract?property law (n) ley (f) en propiedad inmobiliaria he’s fallen victim for an outdated property law which mps have declared unfair when you purchase a Spanish property use Spanish solicitors or British lawyers who know Spanish property lawproperty owner (n) (Teat) accesorista (m) at(t)rezzista (m)property market property mart (n) mercado (m) inmobiliario you’ll find some real bargains in the current depressed property market the home marketplace is obtaining finallyproperty mistress (n) (Teat) accesorista (f) at(t)rezzista (f)house owner (n) (rural) terrateniente (m) a nearby player and house owner set up the cash for that project (urban) dueñoadueña (m) (f) de propiedadesa dueña being a house owner entails new responsibilities many property proprietors around the suggested route from the freeway are opposing it X, the society hostess and Surrey house owner was discovered dead in your own home a large number of property proprietors cannot find buyers for his or her homes She was motivated with a need to enable workers to participate the ranks of property-proprietorsproperty page(s) (n) sección (f) de ventas de inmuebles y viviendas de united nations periódico (de united nations periódico) the Times’s weekend property pages make the perfect place to consider country qualities the content on country cottages in your yard pageproperty legal rights (n) derechos (m) sobre la propiedad an option needs to be made between assisting to save an endangered species or safeguarding the home legal rights of the landowner when the maqui berry farmers possess the property legal rights, the train operator needs to spend the money for maqui berry farmers a over property legal rights to a bit of common land [private] property legal rights their policies have a tendency to favour the security of non-public property legal rights within the public interest a legal court heard arguments over whether personal bankruptcy may be used to avoid having to pay a house settlement inside a divorce action courts might be stopped from making property settlements that favour childrenproperty speculation (n) especulación (f) inmobiliaria the growing threat towards the Cote d’Azur from pollution and property speculation the prospects of owning farming land may prove very attractive and result in property speculation and pricesproperty speculator (n) especuladoraespeculadora (m) (f) inmobiliarioainmobiliariaa especuladora a inmobiliaria the eviction of tenants by property speculators this White-colored Paper is going to be exploited fully by property speculators you do not place a well known property speculator in the mind from the country’s largest credit institutionproperty tax (n) impuesto (m) sobre la propriedad the home was grabbed for non-payment of property taxes after taxes, including condition, local, and property taxes, seniors Americans convey more earnings compared to non-seniors voters happen to be requested to boost property taxes to assist keep up with the public schools property transfer tax

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