Castle hotels of the country

Castle hotels of the country the independent

Every region of The country is stuffed with magic!

Andalucía Full of color and alegria (gaity), Andalucía is The country at its most passionate. From its renowned beaches, you’ll uncover an enormous amount of eco-friendly hillsides, sparkling white-colored villages, and several of the best Islamic and Christian monuments on the planet.

Castilla-La Mancha The legend of Don Quijote tilting at windmills, the medieval splendor of multicultural Toledo, and castles in abundance highlight this vast and often harsh area.

Castilla y León Sweeping plains set to some backdrop of scenic mountain ranges, grand and noble metropolitan areas, and a large number of castles through the region define the heartland of The country.

Cataluña and Aragón A global aside from traditional The country, Cataluña solutions to a new language and culture. Ever stylish Barcelona will captivate the fashionable, as the beaches and mountain tops will fulfill the outside enthusiast. Aragón will reward enthusiasts of castles, charming stone villages, and mountain hikers.

Extremadura This quiet region comes complete with Roman ruins and medieval and Renaissance places of worship and castles. It is a quiet region yet as rugged and dramatic since it’s native conquistadors who overcome the " New World ".

Castle hotels of the country energetic capital full of world

Galicia Medieval Christian pilgrims accustomed to brave terrible dangers to achieve the town of Santiago de Compostela. Traditions are alive in Celtic Spain’s greenest corner.

Madrid Covered with Spain’s energetic capital full of world-class museums, castles, restaurants, as well as an incredible nightlife, a brief drive in almost any direction results in wonderful towns, inspirational gardens, and mountain resorts.

País Vasco and Navarra Deep forests, snow-capped peaks from the Pyrenees, spectacular valleys, along with a wonderful seaside shore hosts architectural treasures, outstanding cuisine, and also the independent spirit from the Basques.

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