Spanish restaurants in the country

Spanish restaurants in the country The home white

The very best Spanish restaurants in The country

La Dorada, Madrid. A number of Spain’s best fish restaurants have been in

Madrid and La Dorada is one. We recommend this huge restaurant,

well suited for big groups – they can have reserved sections known as "cabins"

for groups wanting a bit more privacy. Extremely popular with local madrileños,

business owners throughout the week and families at weekends. Center owes

its fine status to excellent fresh produce, inexpensive price points and quick, friendly

service. We especially recommend the Fritura Malagueña (fried fish Malaga-style),

Ensalada de Bogavante (lobster salad) and Dorada a la Sal or Lubina a la Sal,

(bream or seabass baked in salt) and the shellfish. Waiters is going to be happy

to counsel you. The home white-colored vino is the best value and offered nice chilled.

Deserts are scrumptious and little biscuits and chocolates are offered with coffee.

Center is child-friendly, especially at weekends. Additionally, it has got the advantage

of opening at eight at night for clients preferring to dine relatively early

by Spanish standards.

Reservations: 915 702 004. La Dorada, Orense 64, Madrid.


Las Rejas Las Pedroñeras. A captivating restaurant in a tiny

Spanish village, , within the Province of Cuenca.

It is just twenty minutes in the NIII freeway linking Southern The country to Madrid.

Excellent food, innovative cuisine, outstanding winelist. We advise the "menu

de desgustación" which consists of 8 or 9 small tastes of a number of

probably the most exquisite dishes you’re ever prone to try in The country. Chef and owner

Manuel en Osa creates unique dishes using traditional local ingredients (manchego

cheese, garlic clove, manchego gazpacho….). Center is decorated with works

of local artists and during the cold months includes a lovely big fire burning within the primary dining

area. On the last go to the menu was rather over-covered with shellfish, however that

might have been since it was a few days after Christmas and Spanish do have a tendency to

exaggerate shellfish in those days of the year. Reservations: 967 161 089, informacion@lasrejas.internet.

Open Tuesdays-Saturday for dinner and lunch, as well as on Sundays for supper. Average

cost per person – 90 Euros.


Reads, Mallorca. Luxury restaurant, considered by a few to Mallorca&acutes

best. Rated in the Veuve Cliquot Top Luxury Restaurants, Marcellinos

Guide 2330, chef Marc Fosh "Chef of the season 2002" and "Restaurant

Service of the season 2003" Al Punto Gastronomic Guide. Outstanding atmosphere

and food. Reservations: 971 140 261, Open every single day

for dinner and lunch.


Survival Spanish: at the restaurant


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