7 mouth-watering plant-based restaurants in barcelona, the country – the lemon tree

7 mouth-watering plant-based restaurants in barcelona, the country - the lemon tree mixture of modern and homely
Enjoy Vegan

Be careful The country, tapas aren’t for meat eaters. Enjoy Vegan is really a dairy-free, raw and gluten-free tapa-style restaurant. From small plates to salads, enjoy getting healthy using the freshest vegetables and fruits from The country. Some tapas are vegetarian so consider something that states "queso" around the menu.


Sustainable Spanish vegetables + slow food = Rasoterra. This vegan and vegetarian coffee shop also provides gluten-free options. Rasoterra purchases produce grown inside a 10 mile radius and it is rated miles by Slow Food. They create their sourdough bread daily using filtered water. I suggest the croquettes, a Spanish favorite, and also the celery soup.

Cat Bar Cat

Vegan Food. Alcohol. Piano. Cat decor – what else do you want? It is a vegan paradise of awesome vibes and attractive delights. Among the hardest decisions your family will enjoy is exactly what hamburger you want to consume. From hemp towards the black bean "black cat" there’s something for everybody on their own menu.

7 mouth-watering plant-based restaurants in barcelona, the country - the lemon tree hinted byBioCenter Restaurant Vegetaria

Biocenter has spread peace, love and veggie food because the 1980’s. It is a good factor that slow eating is suitable in The country, since Biocenter bewitches everybody using its magical charm. It’s a mixture of modern and homely vibes hinted by a few Asian fusion. The climate is everything you’d expect from modern The country along with a hard spot to leave. Throughout the day, visitors benefit from the salad bar along with a set lunch menu during the day. During the night have a set dinner menu, a hearty veg-hamburger or perhaps a lighter fare such as the "four elements" dip tray. Most meals are vegan although the desserts contain organic eggs. Besides cow milk, Biocenter features oat, soy or grain milk for coffee.

Where’s your preferred plant-based restaurant in Barcelona?

Resourse: http://lemontreetravel.com/blog/

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