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There are approximately 80 restaurants (including gastro bars) within the town of Miami and surrounding areas that come under the course of “Spanish food”. Therefore, I needed to create a primary analysis which has taken me a few days.

One of the sites examined, I discovered four groups, for or fewer well defined:

1) Restaurant Spanish “modern”: they’ve good food though some might appear costly, it’s not. They’re usually situated in locations that are fashionable. Management and chefs are often youthful and also have leadership development training and recognized experience of Europe, Asia, and also the U . s . States restaurants. Spanish dishes retain their essence but fall more inside a type of presentation of recent Spanish cuisine. The climate is extremely careful and exquisitely decorated local places of night glasses for individuals.

2) Restaurant Spanish “traditional” decorated with typical souvenirs of The country, for instance, flamenco dancers, wine casks, many Spanish flags, posters of old bullfights, etc. The meals, traditional, remarkable if ready. Don’t miss the paella, chickpeas, potato omelette, puddings, etc. Local makers really don’t have college practicing local management but have experience as restaurant proprietors. These leaders have died employed in their restaurants. Frequently the area of not often essential. That old local could be 10 or five years.

3) Spanish Restaurants “with history”: places well-known in Miami and around simply because they carry a long time as reference of real Spanish cuisine. Still they’re maintaining high-quality standards with appropriate prices. The proprietors have years of effective experience and don’t care an excessive amount of competition. Your company name is the best guarantee.

4) Spanish Restaurants “but not too Spanish” may be the situation opened up through the second or third generation of Cuban or Puerto Rican established in Miami restaurants. Typically the Cubans or Puerto Ricans have Spanish ancestry. Is how we discover some practices that don’t fall inside a Spanish meal, for instance, paellas where the grain isn’t seen because things are engrossed in peas, red peppers, corn along with other stuff that the paella doesn’t carry. The paella shouldn’t lead chorizo, or peas, or eco-friendly asparagus. I don’t mean bad food or don’t have their fans, but ideas have started to discuss authentic Spanish food. Which means this web site is known as “Spanish Food for Foreign People,” because my motivation would be to be aware of genuine Spanish cuisine.

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Spanish Mediterranean Bistro




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Diego Rosa: Very good tapas but it's a pty that the music of the video is not Spanish but from South American and sounds so weird to us.

Dinner With Kirill: Sorry about the music, Diego. I was told that this is the Spanish guitar, so I used it. It's still good music no matter what.\nCheers and Happy New Year!

Alison Lee: Wonderful! I've always wanted to visit. This video has convinced me to book a trip. Thank you!

Dinner With Kirill: Alison, I recommend flying to Paris for a couple of days and then taking an overnight train to Barcelona or Madrid. You can do it in reverse direction too. See which way is less expensive to fly back home. That's how I like it to do.

Irina Sorokina: Love this video. Interesting and really professionally make. Great music and camera man!

Dinner With Kirill: Thank you Irina.

DJplaymySong: i've been to catalana and the food there was amazing!!

rona shi: very nice video

Magdi Badawy: Very good video. Thank you. Great presentation, the pace is easy to follow and the addresses of the Tapa joints are clearly presented. You did a very nice job and I thank you.

Dinner With Kirill: Thanks Magdi.