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Be aware of restaurant rules in The country

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By Nancy Todd

You’re in The country. Situations are different. When eating at restaurants, keep these rules in your mind.

l. Butter? Fuggedabuttit. There’s no butter offered. And aren’t you lucky? You receive a bottle of essential olive oil you are cooking. Drizzle it in your bread and other things that does not walk.

2. Water isn’t offered. You need to buy water together with your meals in many restaurants. And believe the Scoopettes, you need to purchase it.  Many people drink water here. We don’t (we reside in Barcelona – this can be different in other areas of The country).

You’ll get essential olive oil, not butter, for the bread

3.  You might want to request pepper and salt. Some restaurants take into account that an insult.

4.  By The month of january 2, 2011, smoking was banned in restaurants. Also it involved damn time.

We like that nobody hurries you out of trouble to show tables in The country

5.  The News on the best offer on meals are recption menus del Dia. Search for the blackboard before restaurants.  These bargains could be eaten between 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. 3 or 4 courses. Wine incorporated. The Scoopettes love Menu del Dia.

Menu del Dia – the best offer for supper in The country

6. Should you request a doggy bag, the servers will think you belong back in your cruiseship.

7. Services are slow. Really slow. There won’t be a chirpy server asking,  “Everything okey dokey here folks?”  If you want something, flap your fingers in mid-air and say, “Por favor” (please).

8. You’ll have to say Por favor to obtain your check.  Servers don’t hurry you.  You are able to take two hrs more than one mug of coffee.  Hopefully, you are able to leave your Type A personality in your own home. Take a look at check. They frequently overcharge (and perhaps undercharge).

9. Tip 10% in a good restaurant. Coffee and sandwiches, no tip.  A euro or more for any regular meal.

10.  Be careful about your purse. Place it inside your lap. Not on the ground or hanging in your chair. Thievery is a huge condition in vacationers areas.

11.  And, por favor, have another bottle of effective Spanish wine.

The other rules can you increase our list for dining in The country?

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Resourse: http://thespainscoop.com/restaurant-rules-the country/

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