What dishes in the country typically contain nuts? – chowhound

What dishes in the country typically contain nuts? - chowhound Boston Area



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    What dishes in the country typically contain nuts? - chowhound over our budget restaurant

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    Pan disadvantage Tomate

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    La Area



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    Remaining in Barcelona for 7 days need recommendations

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    The country / Portugal



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    Comal & Duende: Any Opinions?

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    San Fran



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    One "over our budget restaurant"

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    Dali in Somerville an enjoyment

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    Boston Area


    Wine Bar



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Americans Try Southern Food For The First Time


Jason Price: valley girl accent "im like a secret red-neck"\n\nme: cringes

Leigh Knight: Two words, CHEESE GRITS ! My favorite comfort food. I have introduced many yankees to my love-filled southern food. Spicy chicken livers, fried chicken, turnip greens, cornbread, fried green tomatoes,…my sweet tea is legendary becuse of 2 secret ingredients. That is why a LOT of southerners are "fluffy". LOL

Justin Johnson: I've been eating fried okra since i was 3 years old definitely a South thing

Kaeden Yt: I hate when I go up to Pennsylvania to visit family there is no sweet tea

Katherine Jimenez: Chicken fried steak, fried green tomatoes, fried okra, fried potatoes, everything fried. Fried is my friend. 😍

Do It With Dan: Who eats okra that ISNT FRIED?! WHAT?!

Katie Foodman: so yall are gonna make a video about southern food and not include grits???

abbiepancakeeater52: the thing about "happy from the food then nap time" IS SO TRUE OMG

David Buschhorn: "Who needs this much? There's like three cookies!"\n\nYou shut your Moon Pie hole.

Joshua Leonardo: The best Southern food is in Louisiana and East Texas hands down. Louisiana, we have traditional southern food plus our own Creole/Cajun cuisine which overall, I'd say is better than traditional southern food. Texas has better barbecue though! And many Texans have Louisiana or Mexican roots, both places where the people know how to cook!