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Madrid, The country, September 29 – Spanish maize fled towards the French Embassy in Madrid yesterday to find asylum fearing contamination from genetically modified varieties. Nearly all GM maize grown commercially inside the EU is situated in The country. Due to the high-risk of contamination, Spanish non-GM maize searched for refuge in the French Embassy. France banned the only real GM crop authorised for cultivation within the EU, Monsanto’s MON810, at the outset of 2008
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On second This summer 2009, a votacion required devote the Catalan Parliament around the possible ways to declare Catalonia GMO-free. The proposal law was rejected.
On the demonstration (Catalan)
Video from the Speech of Alexis Inglada in the Parliament. Alexis Inglada is really a youthful catalan player also person in Som lo que Sembrem (speech in Catalan)

On 18th April 2009, greater than 8000 people manifested against GMOs in Zaragoza, demanding towards the Spanish governement a ban on GMO cultivation and food.

This demonstration was the culminating reason for per week lengthy of actions against GMOs. There have been countless actions, activities and protests throughout The country.

The country find asylum fearing contamination

This demonstration was organized by Plataforma Rural (Amigos en Tierra, CAS, CECU, CERAI, CIC BATA, CIFAES-URPF, COAG,C.Tierra de Campos, Ecologistas en Acción,EMAUS, Entrepueblos, Espacio Comercio Justo, Jóvenes Rurales Cristianos, Red Africa Europa, SODEPAZ, Veterinarios Crime Fronteras, Movimiento Rural Cristiano, Mundubat,, SEAE, SOC, Universidad Rural Paulo Freire, Xarxa de Consum Solidari) and Greenpeace.


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