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British term or explanation


Savourty bit, appetizer or finger-food consumed with

drinks. Additionally, it describes a little part of a dish in a restaurant. A tapa was once offered free together with your drink in lots of bars. Using the entrance from the Euro around 2001 and also the dramatic rise in food prices, most tapas should be purchased.

Ración (Rac)

A plate of food, rather of just a tapa-size

serving. A great guideline would be to

order one ración of consistent food for each individual (in The country

it’s normal for categories of individuals to order a servings different foods

after which eat a bit of from the middle, a central

dish of salad).

Media ración (1/2 Rac)

Half the quantity of a "ración".


Spanish Food



Albóndigas disadvantage tomate frito

Meat balls in tomato sauce

Calamares fritos

Fried calimari (squid). Breaded and deep-fried perfectly. If they’re fresh they’re scrumptious, when they aren’t, they are like rubber bands. Please try "bocadillo de calamares" (fried squid sanwich) if you are eating on the move. "Calamar a la plancha" is identical squid, but grilled whole rather of in rings, also it looks and tastes just like a squid rather of breaded finger food.

Bacalao frito

Morsels of fried cod




Aubergine, egg plant. Great either fried ("fritas") or offered within the Moorish fashion with honey "disadvantage miel").


Sandwich on small French loaf.

Boquerones en vinagre

Raw anchovies cured in vinegar and offered with essential olive oil, parsley and garlic clove. A nearby speciality.

Carne disadvantage tomate

Meat (normally pork) in tomato sauce.


The king of Spanish pork sausages, sometimes gently spicy. Might be offered fried in essential olive oil (frito) or perhaps in a sauce ("al vino").


Morsels of pig fried in essential olive oil until crispy.

Cogollos disadvantage ajitos

Tender lettuce hearts seasoned with little items of garlic clove fried in essential olive oil.


How do you explain croquettes? "Fried and breaded balls of mashed taters or minced meat", states the British Oxford Dictionary. But, in The country, croquetas are extremely elaborate creations according to: flour, milk, butter, salt and nutmeg, mixed together to create a delicate dough, that is then coated with egg and bread crumbs. They may be prepared with only about anyting: chicken (pollo), cured pork (jamón serrano), green spinach and pine nuts (espinacas y piñones), cod (bacalao) and cocido, local winter pork-based stews. Finally, they’re fried until golden brown. You need to get them organized only if they’re proven around the menu as "croquetas caseras" (home-made), that do not have a similar frozen-food-perfect look, but taste wonderful.

Ensalada mixta

Often a fundamental salad with lettuce, tomato and never anything else. Salt, oil and vinegar are supplied apart for dressing it (go light on vinegar, heavier on essential olive oil, and salt to taste).

Ensalada mixta especial OR en casa

Ingredients rely on center

Ensaladilla (rusa)

An easy, smooth potato salad created using home-made mayonnaise, taters, carrots and peas. Offered awesome. Lots of people create a meal from it on hot summer time days.


Gambas rebozadas

Gently breaded prawns fried and essential olive oil

Gula (del Norte)

An infant-eel substitute, sometimes created with Alaskan cod. Less exquisite (or pricey) because the real factor, but when prepared properly with essential olive oil and garlic clove, quite tasty.

Jamón serrano

Cured mountain-bred pork (hah-MON)

Jamón ibérico

Cured mountain-bred pork ("Ibérico" or "de bellota" signifies the pork is superior quality or acorn-given).


Pork loin


Ocean bass




Describes a little, flat loaf of sunshine bread, or even the sandwich created using it.


In Great Britan, it’s known as black pudding. A pork sausage whose primary ingredients are bloodstream and onions. Tastes infinitely much better than it may sound.

Paella (arroz)

Known in Valencia as "paella", in Cordoba the neighborhood recipes are suitable for "arroz", with lots of variations. Paella will come in touristy restaurants. A nearby tradition is to visit the nation, develop a fire and prepare a paella pan filled with grain with vegetables and meat, which everybody eats from the time it cools. This really is known as a "perol".



Patatas alioli [recipe]

Chunky, consistent items of potato offered inside a garlicky, mayonnaise alioli sauce.

Patatas bravas

For individuals individuals who miss Mexican or Indian cuisine, here’s just a little spice for your existence: tasty little items of fried potato having a spicy sauce.

Patatas Fritas

Fried potatoes for Americans, chips for that the British.

Pez espada

Sword fish

Riñones de Jeréz

Kidneys in Sherry




Cordoba’s most frequent dish. A vegetable cold cream soup made from tomato plants, bread, vigin essential olive oil, garlic clove and salt. Sprinkled with hard-steamed egg and serrano pork. If you’re a vegetarian, order it ("crime jamón" SEEN hah-MON)

San Jacobo

Breaded fillet of pork with

a cheese filling. Fried.





united nations fino

A powerful apertif (15-17% alcohol) that is excellent with tapas and shellfish. Explaining exactly what a fino is extremely confused through the misnomer of "Sherry" which most British loudspeakers use for fino. Sherry is really a fino, but from Jerez and never in the Montilla-Moriles wine-producing region in Cordoba province. Unlike Sherry, Montilla-Moriles wines achieve their alcohol levels naturally and don’t need to be prepared or combined with other wines.

Vino blanco

Should you order vino blanco,

you will likely be offered a Montilla-Moriles "fino".

Vino blanco afrutado

Fruity, white-colored wine (not really a


Vino tinto

Dark wine

Una copa

A wine glass

United nations medio

A nearby term talking about

Spanish food - things to eat in cordoba by infocordoba of individuals to

an out-of-date measurement. A confusing term, which lots of people think

means "half a glass", but is really, greater than a normal

glass. If you’re consuming fino, that is a more powerful wine (15-17%

alcohol), it’s better to buy "una copa".

Una botella

A container. An easy way order

wine, but when it is a Montilla-Moriles wine, one half bottle ("media

botella") is sufficient for just two individuals with abundant tapas.

United nations "Vargas" (Tinto

de verano)

This local term comes

from VALdepeñas dark wine, merged with GAS, sparkling sweetened

soda water. What you’ll get is really a wonderful drink offered within the summer time.

Certain areas ask if you would like the dark wine combined with lemon soda ("disadvantage

limón"), but it is far better using the traditional

gaseosa ("disadvantage Casera"). Outdoors of Cordoba, it’s known as

"united nations tinto de verano". If you do not want lots of wine inside your Vargas, request "united nations Vargas clarito".



Una "clara"

Beer combined with "Casera"


Cerveza crime

Non-alcoholic beer (I am not

sure exactly what the difference is by using the brand new product (,%), known as "cero-cero").


Coffee. Outdoors of hotel buffets,

don’t anticipate finding filtered British or American coffee, although

you can find an envelope of soluble "Nes-Café" with

water "disadvantage agua caliente". Be cautious, since most people

who order "Nes-Café" want caffeine free ("Crime

cafeína") and never normal caffeinated coffee. And many

people mix their "Nes-Café" with hot milk, and never

water. Do this: "united nations Nes-café NORMAL disadvantage agua, no leche"

(A envelope of ordinary coffee, with water, not milk). Best of luck. Coffee

in many of The country describes Espresso coffee.

Café Solo

A little cup of strong espresso


Café disadvantage leche

Café au lait, or latte.

A mug of espresso with hot milk. Breakfast and late mid-day standard.

Leche manchada

A mug of hot milk after some

espresso coffee (less strong as café disadvantage leche).

Best of luck ordering tea in

Córdoba. 90% of waiters will make believe you understand after which

provide you with a bag of diabolically bad tea floating inside a glass of hot

milk should you order "té disadvantage leche". If you are really

eager for it, try saying "té disadvantage agua y united nations poco de

leche aparte".

Pedir/Tomar Nota


Camarero, Camarera

Waiter, Waitress

Por favor


Oiga (OY-GA)

Hey, will you pay attention to my order over this shouting?

&iquestMe pone…? (mei-POH-nei)

Can you please serve us a … (Could I’ve got a …)



La cuenta, por favor.

The balance, please.

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