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I’m so excited to provide the very first ever guest on Spanish Sabores, another Americana in Madrid. Erin covers her travels around Europe and her exciting existence in Spain’s capital at La Tortuga Viajera. She loves food and travel nearly as much as I actually do, as evidenced by her gorgeous images of scrumptious plates all across the globe.

Hot sticky summers, a sangria in hands, along with a big bowl of gazpacho. Seems like Spanish paradise, right? Sure, with the exception that when surprisingly cold winter several weeks roll around, that zesty Iberian lifestyle flips just like a Spanish tortilla. The party moves inside and summer time food favorites get set aside for that season like bikinis and beach towels. That’s OK, though, because when The country breaks out its winter jackets and boots, additionally, it starts serving up treats which will both warm and fill your traveling tummies. Here, a couple of of Spain’s holiday food favorites.

Holiday Foods in The country

1. Roscón de Reyes

holiday food in Spain

Dessert doesn’t have more Christmas-y than this   festive pastry, typically offered on Three Nobleman Day (The month of january 6th). A diamond ring-formed sweetbread, it’s capped with gelatinous fruits along with a sprinkle of sliced almonds. Oftentimes, it’s even sliced through the center bagel-style, and full of a proper helping of fluffy cream.  That’s all fine and well, but there’s yet another factor which makes this periodic dessert special:  the glass figurine hiding somewhere inside. With regards to overall game champion, the traditions, such as the trinket, vary: from being topped king during the day towards the simple promise of best of luck for that year in the future.  In the finish during the day, be sure that you chew carefully. And when you’re away from the mood to lower a whole ring of roscón, not a problem. Many bakeries serve up through the slice!

2. Castañas


Once the prickly Spanish air begins to bite at the fingers, warm them track of a number of freshly roasted chestnuts (castañas). Offered at stands throughout most bigger towns and metropolitan areas, the vacation nuts are available in paper cones, usually eight per serving. Together with your near-numb fingers, you have to peel away the flaky covering, then your hairy inner lining, before tackling the actual treasure: a gentle, dense and sweet nut. Dealing with a brand new Spanish city during cooler several weeks will achieve new amounts of awesome while noshing on these famous winter snacks.

3. Chocolate disadvantage churros

holiday foods in Spain

Regardless of whenever you visit, no visit to The country could be complete without a minumum of one generous sampling of chocolate and churros. As the treat are available in churrerías all year round, when temperatures drop, mobile shops appear in plazas, parks as well as on street corners. Enjoy a steamy cup of thick chocolate, dipping the skinny, drop-formed churros in to the hot concoction. Or, to actually embrace holiday tradition, dip a slice of this roscón within the sweet stuff – it’s a tough task, however in the making just like a Spaniard, it should be done.

4. Turrón and polvorones

Mantecados and PolvoronesCrumbly homemade mantecados.

Many a Spanish holiday meal is completed served by a platter of shattered turrón, and wax-paper wrapped polvorones. Bought in brick-formed form, turrón including is available in two almond-based versions. The very first – known as turrón blando (soft) – is creamy, and almost similar to a sweet-but-hard peanut butter. Then your other – known as turrón duro – claims tooth-breaking potential using its rock-like consistency and combination of full almonds. Nowadays, you’ll find boxed bricks of all kinds claiming to become turrón of some flavor or any other, however the truly traditional Spanish versions are individuals two extra almond-y originals.

Once you’ve managed to move on from turrón, it’s time for you to try polvorones – basically a powdery mish-mash of flour, animal fat, sugar and cinnamon, all offered inside a cookie-meets-biscuit form. Before eating, Spanish typically smash them, still wrapped, within their palms to release in the consistency.

5. Cocido

winter food in Spain

After tackling the bitter cold roads, a sweet snack just won’t do by which situation, it’s here we are at some cocido. This hearty soup is Spain’s response to a clear stomach and also the shivers…and also hangovers. Even though many variations exist through the nation, probably the most well-known are available in Madrid. The stew typically will get offered in a double edged sword: Firstly you warm-up by nursing a broth full of small noodles and flavors from the second course in the future. Following a broth, really tackle your hunger by having an overflowing plate of garbanzo beans, stewed veggies and meats like chorizo and morcilla. For just one of Spain’s most traditional versions, visit La Bola in Madrid (Calle en Bola 5) you will not leave cold and also you certainly won’t leave hungry.

When visiting The country in this chilly half of the season, swap the sangria for a few of these periodic and soul-soothing favorites. Now that we have holiday cuisine around the brain, let me know: what winter foods enable you to get within the spirit? 

If studying about these holiday foods in The country makes you hungry, take a look at my guest publish on Erin’s blog where I tell readers concerning the 5 Food Gifts to recover from The country!

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