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Food processing - technology from the country - durch technology review salted it, and

Essential olive oil, chorizo, sherry, fine cheeses, and traditional tapas have earned The country an international status for gustatory delights. Spanish companies also have achieved worldwide recognition for the caliber of their agriculture machinery, food processing, and packaging, that is offered to customers in countless countries that represent virtually every major market all over the world. In southern The country, the sun’s rays shines almost all year lengthy, supplying energy because of its insightful crops, that have made the location a breadbasket not only for The country, however for a lot of the remainder of Europe. This Year, The country exported greater than 9.4 million a lot of vegetables and fruit. Wine and food have lengthy been an origin of national pride here, along with a major attraction for that greater than 70 million vacationers visiting each year. "Then individuals vacationers go back home, and they would like to continue consuming the essential olive oil, your wine, the oranges they ate in The country," observes Jaime Hernani, general director of AGEX, the Spanish association for food production machinery. It has stimulated a boom within the export of not just Spanish products, but Spanish know-how in irrigation, cultivation, and cleaning, separating, processing, and packaging individuals farming products. Spanish firms that manufacture machinery for food production, he adds, happen to be selling their advanced technology throughout Europe, The United States, and Asia in excess of 2 decades.


Cured meat has existed a minimum of because the duration of the Romans, who ground fresh meat, salted it, and infused it with spices fermented it to fuse the mass together then permitted the meat to hold and dry for 2 to 3 several weeks. The ultimate products, for example salami, chorizo, and dry-cured sausage, continue to be popular today.

Josep Lagares, Chief executive officer of Girona’s Metalquimia, dealing with Institute of Farming Research and Technology (IRTA) gm Josep Maria Montfort, believed the time had come for something new. Rather of the drying period that stretches out over several several weeks, "We’ve reinvented this method so that you can dry these items in 20 to 50 minutes," states Lagares.

Metalquimia’s innovation ended up being to slice the meat before curing it, then send it via a machine that tweaks the temperature and humidity from the air inside to produce the right curing conditions. The end result: identical slices of cured meat. Its first industrial-scale machine, which could process 800 pounds of meat each hour, continues to be placed on the premises from the company’s local partner, Casa de Mon.

Lagares sees endless possibilities with this machine. "For example, [typically] if you wish to try something new in dry cured meat, you need to watch for several weeks to determine the outcomes. With Metalquimia’s [machine], you will find the leads to eventually,Inch he explains, adding this technology allows users for stopping salt-free meat products, impossible with traditional techniques. And that is only some of the benefit: Lagares highlights the space required for meat drying could be reduced considerably, while a business can avoid getting excess stock drying for several weeks. This cure uses about 30 % less energy than many environments require to keep the perfect humidity and temperature for lengthy-term curing.

An emphasis on storage inspired Burgos-based NC Hyperbaric, whose technologies improve the shelf existence of minimally junk foods. Actually, based on marketing director Francisco Purroy, the business’s ongoing dramatic growth could be related to two worldwide movements. "There is a consumer trend towards foods and merchandise that may be called natural, minimally processed without any preservatives," highlights Purroy. "Simultaneously, there’s worry about [food-borne pathogens for example] listeria and salmonella."

NC Hyperbaric makes machinery that may kill pathogens in food without high temperatures, relying rather on extraordinarily high amounts of water pressure to shatter bacteria’s normal functions and kill them. The organization was among the first on the planet to create fraxel treatments for an industrial scale for that food industry. Within an NC Hyperbaric machine, packages of food are put inside a plastic chamber in the steel vat. Water fills the vat beyond the level of exactly what a chamber of this size has the capacity to hold. This boosts the pressure just like when the package have been dropped deep in to the sea. As the ruthless kills microorganisms, the procedure leaves nutrients and taste alone.

This method enables minimally junk foods to savor a reliable shelf existence with less salt with no additives, states Purroy. NC Hyperbaric’s newest and largest machine can process greater than two a lot of food each hour.

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