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The Guggenheim Bilbao is really a truly exquisite bit of architectural flamboyance by which Gehry has succesfully pressed the limitations of contemporary architecture by maximising on technological advances. He could engineer the graceful curves and irregular style of your building by utilizing CATIA, a cad system. He started by looking into making different scale models from paper and wood before attempting the actual factor with enormous sheets of silver titanium.

The large structure complements its surroundings using its curvaceous silver body work which evokes the form of the regal ship gliding within the ocean. Gehry continues to be supportive to Bilbao’s heritage being an important port city having a lengthy fishing tradition. Close-up the shiny titanium top of the Guggenheim is visible to possess scales like what fish, that is further enhanced incidentally the metallic material glistens within the sunlight . Additionally towards the city’s closeness towards the ocean, water theme is emphasised since the museum can also be located next to the River Nervión. The huge sheets of glass which make up the center atrium allow immeasureable sun light to filter through in to the museum. By night this adds an additional dimension towards the ‘ship’ since it’s center is illuminated with warm tones which reflect to the shiny top of the exterior.

During its first decade of existence the Guggenheim Bilbao has triumphed in effectively achieving its goal – to highlight the town of Bilbao and regenerate the urban center. Gehry’s design is among such architectural strength it has fast become an legendary indication of Bilbao, and even the Basque Country in general. Each year the museum attracts visitors from around the globe and it is recognition proves the ability natural inside a masterful architect as well as an original design.

Guggenheim Bilbao Opening Hrs and Entrance Charges

Tuesday- Sunday: 10am-20pm (closed Mondays)
This summer -August open Monday to Sunday 10am-20pm

Entrance between €6.50 and €12.50 based on season/ concessions.

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