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A brief history of art was compiled by men, used as well as in theory. Painting includes a symbolic and dominant place inside this history, as well as in the 20th century it grew to become the main expression of maleness, especially through abstraction. For me personally, careful analysis be mainly a designer and also to make use of the codes of abstract painting, as they’ve been defined in the past, isn’t just a creative challenge: its primary meaning is occupying a territory that’s been denied to women in the past. I occupy this territory aesthetically and politically since i create materially abstract works of art, however i integrate within this male field a female world: those of sewing and embroidery. By hybridizing individuals worlds, the canvas turns into a new territory in which the feminine features its own devote an area covered with men, and where, I really hope, we will not be removed again. I integrate this same feminine world into my gardens. When I needed to begin working outdoors I desired to locate some type of translation, something I possibly could do rather of embroidery, but something which had exactly the same idea. And So I thought, “What can a lady do outdoors?” Gardening would be a woman’s activity much like embroidery. This is the way I made the decision to produce gardens. My work starts always like a slight critique, then I’m guessing seriously and that i try to look for the wonder and poetry of those activities. I usually attempt to connect both ideology and appearance within my act as a designer or perhaps a sculptor, in some way. I’m greatly thinking about this unique relationship. Appearance alone aren’t enough for me personally along with a message alone is simply propaganda.

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Ghada Amer: Love Has No End


diodoro73: She says she wants not to bring about a message, but her work, and artistic freedom is its own message. Rock on Amer!!!