Barcelona museum of recent art – richard meier & partners architects

Barcelona museum of recent art – richard meier & partners architects white-colored

Contextually responsive in the scale and orientation, this museum plays a vital role in restructuring the Medieval district of Barcelona. Along with the Casa en Caritat cultural center along with a new college building to northern its sculpture court, the museum helps you to consolidate this latest arts quarter inside the broader urban fabric.

Admission to the gallery space is thru a round, top-lit gallery/foyer resulting in a glazed, triple-height ramp-hall that faces the brand new Plaça dels Àngels towards the south. This hall, along with medium difficulty corridor paved in glass block, enables the customer to gain access to six continuous loft-like spaces on successive levels. A semidetached wing in the eastern finish from the block accommodates additional gallery space and also the suite of curatorial offices.

The primary galleries are partly lit previously mentioned, particularly towards the top of your building in which the loft space is included with louvered skylights. A few of the light out of this source filters lower via glass block floors and open slots to light up the low levels. Where sun light enters in the south, it’s screened partly through the exterior louvers, by a few free standing screen walls, by the ramp.

Barcelona museum of recent art – richard meier & partners architects louvers from the ramp-hall

Clad in white-colored enameled-steel panels, the plaza elevation is animated through the horizontal louvers from the ramp-hall by two plaster sculptural elements, a eliminate plane over the entrance along with a free-form, top-lit special exhibitions gallery set prior to your building in the eastern finish from the primary façade.


Richard Meier & Partners: Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona