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Sent Of Mystery isn’t a bad film, though essentially the solution to a trivia question will still be fun.

Through the years there was various attempts at filling a film theater with smells from the film being proven. Around 1915, a silent exhibitor distributed a tinted newsreel from the Rose Parade that included Flit guns of rose sent so the theater ushers could walk the isles pumping perfume as the film had been proven. In 1940, the Clark Gable & Spencer Tracy vehicle `Boom Town’ exposed certain unfortunate audiences towards the odor of oil pumped in to the theater’s ventilation system. This went over so poorly, that no-one attempted anything like for a long time.

The `Smell-o-vision’ utilized in Sent Of Mystery was a more sophisticated system which had vials of countless scents inside a rotating drum beside each theater seat. These drums were rotated on silent cues really recorded to the film’s magnetic soundtrack. Each sent was puffed in the patron via compressed air, as well as in the system’s real innovation, each sent ended up being nullified by another puff of outdoors once the scene was over. It had been a more sophisticated gimmick that will make Mike Todd Sr. or William Castle proud. Within the film, it had been accustomed to great affect to recognize the killer having a particular type of pipe tobacco and also at the climax the crowd is were alerted to his presence before he’s seen on the watch’s screen! Regrettably this important scene is meaningless with no scent and something remains to question the way the hero has the capacity to identify him, but a minimum of the show comes with an enjoyable cameo by Liz Taylor in the finish.

Scent Of Mystery later entered wider release underneath the more pedestrian title of `Holiday In Spain’, and under that name it had been eventually offered to TV. Around 1983 the show surfaced again if this aired in a number of US metropolitan areas as well as on MTV included in a mix-promotion with 7-11 supermarkets, that was after i first viewed it. The 7-11 stores offered a bundle that contains coupons along with a foldout card that included a sheet of scratch-n-sniff decals. As broadcast, the film’s `scent points’ were marked having a flashing number at the end from the screen, that was the viewer’s cue to peel & paste the related decal onto their card, that was decorated with images in the film that may be adopted just like a game. This incorporated the peach blossoms, the cask of wine, the cooking onions, and also the distinctive tobacco. Regrettably, this broadcast gimmick blew the flicks surprise by looking into making it a lot more like the `Odorama’ utilized in John Waters’ `Polyester.’

Apart from these John Waters film, the only real other utilization of scented cinema that I am conscious of recently is within a place of interest at Disney’s California Adventure amusement park. Individuals experiencing and enjoying the Omni-max film `Sorin’ Over California’ notice a pine scent because they `fly’ within the Sierra forests as well as an orange scent because they `glide’ over orchards from the Central Valley. It appears the `Smellies’ are one of individuals ideas which will never become popular.

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"Holiday in Spain" in Todd-70 Remastered trailer


pibra82: the scene of the shooting and some others, are recorded in my town.\nThe catwalks that raisins suspended in the rock, is called "Caminito del Rey"\nand wetlands that are seen in the scenes are the Guadalhorce and Guadalteba.\nMy towns' name is Álora.

Graham Bird: Just watched the Smilebox presentation tonight on the Cinerama screen in Bradford (UK) including smellovision, great fun and a cracking score.

Ken Steiger: Why is the dialogue track so "phasey"

Crucial: SmileBox paved the way for OLED TV designs.

Michael Mcgee: Just looked it up.Elizabeth Taylor was in it in a small uncredited part.Well she now owned the copy rights of Todd ao  .since it was originally owned by mike Todd.She might of been the influence to use it in Cleopatra

Michael Mcgee: If this is going to be put out on DVD, will it be the converted to three strip version print or a Todd ao print ?.I f this is going to be  put out next ,Fans should be ready with their air fresheners . Amateur     smell o vision

indytim: The Young Adventures of Marcus Brody?

Michael Mcgee: I bet you mike Todd jr's  sister n law contributed to the financing of this production

Michael Mcgee: my prediction.Flicker alley will release Seven wonders of the world and This flick.A year alter they will release in search of paradise and the golden head or the Russian version of Cinerama ,cause they don;t release three Cinerama productions .If they do tha would be the first time .this is not being psychic it's being more business sense .Copy rights at this moment are not cheap.I Would  buy  three  of them of course.These film give me the remembrance  of the Montgomery mall theater which had the 146 curved screen  from 1971 to 1976.although the reissue of this is Cinerama never came to this theater 

Brian Zachel: Not a great picture but it does show that there are 70mm films out there meant to be shown on a curved screen. How about Oklahoma, Around the World in 80 Days, It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, etc., etc.?