Marzipan, the flavor from the holidays in madrid : the salt : npr

Marzipan, the flavor from the holidays in madrid : the salt : npr now purchase

In Santiago Manzanero’s loaves of bread, marzipan’s significance is well appreciated. His family members have been which makes it for generations. "The descendants of people that purchased from my great-grandfather now purchase from me," states Manzanero.

His wife and business partner, María del Carmen López Hernández, proudly adds, "So we ship marzipan to so far as Germany, England along with other Countries in europe.Inch

Throughout the marzipan-making season, Manzanero includes a group of helpers, eight as a whole, who support lengthy tables moving the dough and fashioning it into figurines of trumpets, bunnies, motorboats and empanadillas full of yema, egg yolk combined with sugar. Additionally they make bigger shapes — like the traditional anguila, the eel.

Manzanero shows me how he molds the eel and fills it with yema. It is then baked in the standard wood-fired oven his great-grandfather used, and decorated by candied fruit along with a piped icing of egg-whites and sugar arranged on the top in elaborate sketches.

"King Juan Carlos I [Spain’s former king] accustomed to visit relatives around here," states Manzanero. "For his visits, they frequently bought our marzipan, such as the anguila." Later, Manzanero’s sister, María del Carmen, who’s also exist for, shows us a photo where the king [who had been then still a prince], is experiencing the anguila produced in their loaves of bread.

The saying ‘fit for any king’ is not only a saying in Mazapanes Manzanero — it’s a part of its history.