Holidays for seniors

Holidays for seniors primary attractions are essential

Here are a few good ideas , get ready for the vacation you deserve and discover why The country is among the preferred destinations for senior tourism. A great climate throughout the year, cultural routes, a cuisine with different Mediterranean diet, popular traditions, well-being packages, suggestions for activities within the city and also the countryside… A number of choices for getting fun and living existence fully.

What you will really find when you are getting here?

Mild temperatures and sunshine throughout the year. Are you able to imagine going for a stroll across the beach every day? Or eating in an outside restaurant in the center of winter without necessity for any heater? It’s all regulated possible in The country.

Scrumptious healthy food choices. Fundamental essentials the best-selling Mediterranean diet, whose primary attractions are essential olive oil, fresh garden produce and fish. Our recommendation would be to accompany it and among Spain’s well-known excellent wines.

Culture, art and popular tradition. From cultural routes using the UNESCO World Heritage designation with a of Europe’s finest museums like the Prado. In addition, in The country you can enjoy numerous popular festivities having a lengthy tradition.

Holidays for seniors stroll acrossSuggestions for well-finding yourself in spas and hot springs.

Original and splendid travel tips on board a tourist train such as the Al-Andalus or even the Transcantábrico.

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