Granada calendar & holidays

Granada calendar & holidays eighth of December     - Imaculada

Calender & Holidays in Granada

Below you will find a description of local and national holidays along with other celebrations in Granada.

first of The month of january – New year’s day. National holiday.

second of The month of january – Celebration from the catholic conquest of Granada in 1492. The occasion is well known with street parades along with other official occasions.

5-sixth of The month of january – The procession from the 3 Holy Nobleman. In The country the wedding is well known with big parades for kids where various celebrities obtain the "recognition" to experience among the 3 nobleman. Around the morning from the sixth of The month of january happens when the kids receive their gifts.

first of Feb – San Cicilio. San Cicilio may be the local patron of Granada and also the day is well known with procession, dancing along with other festivities.

The Next and fourth week of Feb – Circus. The yearly circus is well known throughout The country with occasions like parades, mask and costume parties.

28th of Feb – Day’s Andalusia. A condition holiday throughout Andalusia.

March/April – Easter time-Week. Easter time is among the most significant religious occasions in Granada, and the remainder of Andalusia. It’s celebrated with impressive religious processions where statuettes of Jesus and Virgin Maria are transported round the town, with music and participants in special costumes.

first of May – Worldwide Labor day. A nationwide vacation in The country.

3rd of May – Cruces de Mayo. This very day is well known in Granada with competitions in decorating the most amazing mix with flowers and it is a nearby holiday.

26th of May – Mariana Pineda. Mariana Pineda would be a revolutionary from Granada who had been sentenced to dying by king Fernando VII. Your day is well known around the central square Mariana Pineda however is not a vacation.

18th of June – This used only to become a religious event celebrated with processions in the heart of Granada, but is today also celebrated significant bullfighting occasions.

23rd of June – San Juan. San Juan may be the longest day of the season and it is celebrated with campfires and parties. (not really a holiday)

Finish of June and start of This summer – The worldwide Music and Dance Festival. The wedding is well known with artists throughout Europe in Alhambra as well as in a wide open-air theater within the Generalife gardens.

15th of August – Asuncin en Virgen. This can be a national holiday celebrating among the patrons of The country.

29th of September – Virgen de las Angustias. Virgen de las Angustias may be the patron of Granada and individuals celebrate the big event with processions by donating flowers towards the virgin.

twelfth of October – Dia del Hispanidad. This can be a national holiday with official parades celebrating "being Spanish".

first of November – All Saints day. National vacation in The country. Halloween is well known occasionally in Granada but it’s not really a Spanish tradition.

sixth of December – Metabolic rate day in The country. This can be a National holiday, but is just celebrated with official occasions.

eighth of December – Imaculada Concepcin. This can be a national holiday celebrating the patron of The country, la Imaculada Concepcin.

25th of December – Xmas day. National holiday.

28th of December – This is actually the day where individuals makes jokes upon one another (such as the first of April in lots of other nations).


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