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Vacation in the country (scent of mystery) blu-ray plus bonus score cd -- screen archives entertainment the pen name of couple
Redwind Productions Corporation., in colaboration with Cinerama Corporation, is proud to provide for the first time – the lost and today re-mastered 70mm treat, filmed entirely in Spain…Originally entitled “Scent of Mystery” and presented in “Smell-O-Vision”, this excellent and magical adventure, follows a mysterious novelist, performed by Denholm Elliott, who finds out an agenda to murder a united states heiress, performed by Beverly Bentley, during visit to The country. He enlists the aid of a nearby taxi driver, performed by Peter Lorre, to visit over the Spanish countryside to be able to thwart the crime. Directed by noted cinematographer-switched director Jack Cardiff. Combined with Mario Nascimbene’s fine score, along with a cast which includes, Paul Lukas, Liam Redmond, Leo Mckern and Diana Dors, it designed for solid entertainment. Additionally, it featured a large major star cameo, inside a role important to the film’s scenario. That cameo was unbilled, even though the film itself didn’t have credits on the watch’s screen. These were initially provided to the crowd within their road show program. The film’s restoration has added, the very first time, a credit roll in the picture’s finish. The screenplay was adapted in the 1947 novel Ghost of the Chance by Kelley Roos, the pen name of couple mystery authors Audrey Kelley and William Roos.

A feeling of Murder…….

He would be a youthful Englishman on a journey in The country and she or he was the type of scenery he didn’t wish to miss. Even in the back, the lengthy elegant legs, the slim waist, and also the large hat were a significant sight. He didn’t know her, but desired to. He then discovered they desired to kill her. And when he didn’t stop them over the following 36 hrs, the only real place he’d see her again could be within the morgue.

FEATURE FILM: A brand new 1080P re-mastering from 65 & 70mm elements

Seem: Dolby Digital 2.1 and 5.1 audio restoration from 6-funnel original





*Dolby Digital 2. and 5.1 STS-HD Master

Audio restoration produced in the 6 track 70mm masters.

* Vacation In The country Locations short

Phone film’s location now and then -15 min.

* Missing Scenes from Scent of Mystery version

An array of rare film elements including “rushes” based in the Cinerama vaults -10 min.

* 36 page guide:

Reproduction from the original 1960 Scent of Mystery program.

* Feature Length Audio Commentary

With historian Bruce Kimmel, Sandra Shahan, and remastering director David Strohmaier.

Vacation in the country (scent of mystery) blu-ray plus bonus score cd -- screen archives entertainment Beverly Bentley, during visit to* Exclusive Interviews

With actress Beverly Bentley who plays Sally with Susan Todd daughter from the producer. -35 min.

* Remastering of Vacation In The country short

A unique consider the remastering from the film from failing 65 and 70mm elements -8 min.

* Slideshow

A montage of behind the curtain production stills, publicity stills, and original ads and posters. -10 min.

* Cinerama Trailers Gallery

Trailers with this Is Cinerama, Cinerama Holiday, Seven Wonders around the globe, Look For Paradise, Cinerama South Seas Adventure, Windjammer, Vacation In The country and also the Golden Mind. -34 min.

* Plus bonus stereo music audio CD of Mario Nascimbene’s score.

2000 edition


Vacation in the country (scent of mystery) blu-ray plus bonus score cd -- screen archives entertainment restoration has added, the very

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