List and outline of public holidays of spanish speaking countries

List and outline of public holidays of spanish speaking countries Sunday through Saturday prior to

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List and outline of public holidays of spanish speaking countries Every Spanish speaking country

Year (Año Nuevo) Every Spanish speaking country The month of january first Celebration of the start of the entire year. Fireworks, etc.
Circus (Circus) Most Spanish speaking countries Usually ends at the time before Ash Wednesday A meeting prior to the fasting connected with Given (Roman Catholic custom). Parades, costumes, dances, Circus Queen elections, and fireworks.
Easter time (Pascuas/Semana Santa) Every Spanish speaking country, esp. The country, Guatemala, and Peru Sunday through Saturday prior to the first Sunday following the first full moon on or after March 21 Commemorates a few days that Christ was crucified and resurrected.
Labor Day (Día del Trabajador) The country only, but other nations have Labor Day holidays also May first Break from public work- much like USA Labor day.
Festival – Bonfires of Saint John (L’ensemble des Fogueres de Sant Joan) The country only June 19th to 24th Fireworks, parties, and large bonfires.
Assumption of Mary (Asunción) The country only August 15th
Columbus Day (Fiesta Nacional de España) The country only October twelfth Holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus and also the nation of The country. Has parades along with other festivities.
All Saint’s Day (Día de los Santos) / Halloween (Día de los Muertos) Every Spanish speaking country (to different levels) November first Celebrates and honors the lives from the deceased and also the continuation of existence. Dying isn’t the finish, but the start of another phase of existence.
Metabolic rate Day (Día en Constitución) The country only December sixth Day celebrating the Metabolic rate of The country.
Immaculate Conception (Inmaculada Concepción) The country only December eighth Feast celebrating the birth of Mary mom of Jesus.
Christmas (Navidad) Every Spanish speaking country December 25th Celebrates the birth of Christ. Gifts exchanged, etc. much like in the united states.
The siesta Every Spanish speaking country Mid-mid-day nap Less popular from modern changes, but nonetheless exists.

List and outline of public holidays of spanish speaking countries The country only     


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