2017 the country holidays

2017 the country holidays Jan 01

SundaySun Jan 01, 2017Jan 01 New Year’s Day
FridayComes to an end Jan 06, 2017Jan 06 Epiphany
SundaySun Marly 19, 2017Marly 19 San Jose (Many Regions)
ThursdayThu Apr 13, 2017Apr 13 Maundy Thursday (Many Regions)
FridayComes to an end Apr 14, 2017Apr 14 Good Friday
MondayMon Apr 17, 2017Apr 17 Easter time Monday (Many Regions)
MondayMon May 01, 2017May 01 Labor Day
TuesdayTue August 15, 2017August 15 Assumption Day
ThursdayThu March 12, 2017March 12 Hispanic Day
WednesdayGet married November 01, 2017November 01 All Saints Day
WednesdayGet married 12 , 06, 201712 , 06 Metabolic rate Day
FridayComes to an end 12 , 08, 201712 , 08 Immaculate Conception Day
MondayMon 12 , 25, 201712 , 25 Xmas Day
TuesdayTue 12 , 26, 201712 , 26 St. Stephen’s Day (Many Regions)

2017 the country holidays WednesdayGet married         12 , 06, 201712Resourse: https://calendarlabs.com/holidays/the country/
2017 the country holidays MondayMon         May 01, 2017May

Top 10 Cheapest Holiday Destinations of 2017 | hoppa


Tibriz: Thanks hoppa for this. Antalya is #5 Cheapest city in the world, but it is the most beautiful!

hoppa: No problem, glad you enjoyed it!

SZ J: Tibriz i was there twice love it😍

bijaya bhatta: nepal is the most beautiful.come visit us.u r always welcome

Bishwa Haldar: INDIA

Shaun Sutton: I love how you always include the price of alcohol, as if it's a crucial part of why people go on holiday

hoppa: Unfortunately, for some it is! A couple of years ago Alcohol Concern found that 92% of adult Brits drank whilst on their last holiday. – so we guess it's fair to include the cost if it affects the majority! :)

Vick Ross: Please, check your mistake in the final slide – Top 10 / 1. Is Sofia, Bulgaria, not Sofia, Bucharest ;)

hoppa: Bah! Thanks for the spot Vick – that's an annoying mistake – fixed! :)

Thomas Hull: Useful info. But shouldn't a travel site be able to pronounce "Cartagena"? I presume you wouldn't dream of referring to Nice in France as rhyming with ice? :-)