Wildlife guides and maps

The books around the following pages happen to be selected that will help you find and identify wild wild birds and understand their method of existence. There is also a choice of Field Guides, “Where to Watch” Guides and wildlife Travel Maps.

Field Guides:

An accumulation of field guides for that recognition of countryside plants and creatures. Inside a

convenient format, they retain the information you need for that correct identification of every

species, along with illustrations or photographs. Indispensable reference works best for your

library and vital for the field journeys.

Where you can Watch Wild birds & Wildlife:

Wildlife enthusiasts will discover within this series helpful, precise or more-to-date information to

improve their enjoyment from the natural world.

Printed in practical, pocket-sized editions, they include detailed maps with itineraries

covering everything of great interest, in addition to a very extensive assortment of beautiful colour

photographs from the flora, fauna and landscapes of every area.

Wildlife Travel Maps of The country:

A reference collection, both are maps and detailed guides. An important source of the

search for Spain’s most eminent regions of natural splendor.

Take a look inside!

Field guides Where you can watch wild birds & wildlife Wildlife travel maps of The country

Resourse: http://lynxeds.com/catalog/lynx-edicions/

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